Friday, February 26, 2021

Muppets and Matches

Kicked off a sunny, breezy morning with breakfast and Doc McStuffins. "Big Head Hallie" sees a TV show about her and thinks she's a star on-screen and off. Her desire to show off all her skills not only scares off her friends, but makes her unavailable for her usual nursing. Doc finally convinces her that they like her the way she is, whether she's a TV star or not. Strawberry Shortcake-esque southern belle doll Peaches Pie comes to Doc's office after being carried around by a dog. She wants to dance with the others, but no one will go near her because her clothes smell like wet dog. Doc tells her if she wants her regular peaches smell to come back, "Peaches Pie, Take a Bath!"

Switched to PBS Kids for Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I cleaned up from breakfast. "Daniel Learns About Empathy" when he's pretending to fix his playhouse with O the Owl and O says he's hitting his hammer too loud. His mother reminds him that he needs to think about how other people might feel. He learns "Empathy at School" when his older friend Chrissie loses her favorite charm bracelet and he wants to keep playing doctor. Teacher Harriett reminds him of how he felt the time he lost his beloved stuffed animal Tigey and convinces him to help her find it.

Moved to Match Game '78 after Daniel ended. No clue why Buzzr constantly skips the hilarious episode that ends with Brett and Jack's mock "wedding." Maybe they find mock weddings to be offensive? On the other hand, I'm not complaining too much, considering the next week features Mary Wickes, Richard Paul, Loretta Swit, and hot Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden. Brett teased Gene about them flying together to LA from Boston and tries to help a lady win $10,000 on her "__ Sale" Head to Head. The next one gave Walden a chance to help a contestant, this time with "__ Crown."

Called Uber shortly after the show ended. It took them a while to get here, so I finally moved one of the dolls' wardrobes into the box I bought yesterday. The floral design suggested Felicity or Josefina, but their fancy two piece gowns and skirts are too big for the smaller box. Went with Molly (most of her clothes are separates anyway) instead.

Hit the Acme for this week's grocery shopping and to get my schedule. I really didn't need that much. I've eaten out of the fridge a lot lately. Picked up another cheap bowl of steamed shrimp for dinner. Thought I'd try one of the Poland Spring sparkling water bottles on sale - went with Blood Orange Hibiscus. Restocked milk, yogurt, butter, unbleached white flour, frozen fruit, spinach, apples, and bananas.

Mixed feelings on my schedule next week. In good news, Tuesday and Friday off, and nothing later than 6. In frustrating news, two long and early 7 and 1/2 and 8 and 1/2 hour shifts on Monday and Wednesday, and cashiering shifts on Sunday and Saturday (the days when we have the most bagging help). 

Threw on Super Password as I got in and started putting everything away. Richard Kline did get his contestant to the Super Password bonus round, but they did badly with guessing and only got a few words. George and Alaina Hamilton won for the second day in a row on Tattletales, culminating a wild episode that included George taking his shirt off to illustrate a question. Things also got pretty wild on Press Your Luck. This was the second day in a row everyone got slammed with Whammies. The last guy standing picked up over 9,000 in cash and only one Whammy. 

Made Banana-Honey Muffins for lunch at work next week while the shows were on from that muffin recipe book Jen Waters gave me years ago. They came out very well, so soft and moist, and smelled lovely in the oven. I love how well this oven cooks everything. (Though some things, like the cake, you have to watch, or they can become overdone.)

Worked on writing for a while after the shows ended. Doc McLean announces that their groups have a lot of cuts and bruises, but no broken bones. If they need rum, it's for antiseptic, not drinking. Gene agrees to drop Anson and Lorrie off at the nearest port to head to Philly, where Anson has friends who may give him a job. Brett says she does want to see her children eventually, but for right now, she's more than willing to stay with Gene and his crew and get their treasure back from Richard.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had that shrimp with broccoli and leftovers while watching Match Game '74. Once again, for some reason, Buzzr skipped an existing episode and moved into the next one. Mitzi McCall joined the regulars, Gene, Richard Deacon, and Gunilla Hutton of Petticoat Junction for detective jokes on what Sherlock Holmes would find on Kojak's bare head (which didn't amuse bald Deacon) and what a fortune teller would read after attending medical school.

Hans "Captain Hook" Conried, sweet little Sarah Kennedy from Laugh-In, and Betty White came in for Match Game PM. We get jokes about what a creature that's scaly and 10 feet tall does to a man's wife and what Sir Lancelot brings to bed. Richard helps the winning officer with the answer to "__ Boiled," but it's Betty who has the most fun!

Sale of the Century was another close, low-scoring game. Everyone won something, but the champ bought both Instant Bargains and the Instant Cash and just barely managed to win the Speed Round. He's still having trouble with the Bonus Round, though.

Finished the night on Disney Plus with more Muppet Show, this time from the fifth season. When Kermit fires Miss Piggy over telling a tabloid they're married, Loretta Swit gladly takes over for her in "Veterarian's Hospital" (Rolf and Janice aren't any weirder than the military hospital personnel she usually works with) and "Pigs In Space."  (And I didn't know Swit had such a great voice - check out her singing "I Feel the Earth Move" as big blue Muppet monster Thog smashes miniatures around her.)

Carol Burnett's not ready to make the dance floor move when she arrives and finds Gonzo's holding a dance marathon. She's even less thrilled to be partnered with Animal! At least she manages to sneak in a lovely "But Not for Me" in her Charwoman character from The Carol Burnett Show

Piggy also has trouble when Tony Randall's on the show. He reads a spell that turns Piggy to stone! Kermit's livid, but the rest of the gang has fewer problems with her petrified status, especially the "Pigs In Space" crew. It'll take a recitation from Tony at the end of the show to change her back. (Oh, and for some reason, the Disney Plus copy is missing Tony's big song from the start of the show.)


Linda said...

Blame ASCAP or RIAA or whomever controls music rights these days. A bunch of the MUPPET SHOW episodes are missing parts because of music rights.

Emma said...

Which is one of the big reasons it took so long for Disney to debut the rest of this anywhere. In fact, two fifth season episodes are missing all together. The one with the show's writer as a guest may be due to rights problems; I suspect the Brooke Shields one is missing because getting the rights to "Off to See the Wizard" from Warners cost too much.