Monday, February 08, 2021

A Sunny Day In Winter

Slept in and had just enough time to begin my morning with Blockbusters. Turned the TV on just as the history teacher took on a mother-daughter pair. They were working on the first round when the episode ended. Listened to Charles Nelson Reilly, Helen Reddy, and Marcia Wallace match contestants on The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour as I changed and packed lunch.

Left early to pick up a few things. The Uber driver arrived within six minutes and got me to work with plenty of time to spare. The Acme has a kiosk machine that allows you to get money for your old cell phone. Or it would have, if I hadn't realized you needed a cable to hook up the darn thing. I couldn't even figure out how to hook it to their port. I checked the kiosk's website yesterday, and they said I'd only get about 3 dollars for the phone anyway. It's old, and while it does light up - barely - and the screen isn't cracked, the phone itself and worn and crashes when it's not even half-empty. I just let them take it. I cared more about getting rid of the darn thing than the money. Picked up salad for dinner and hand soap for the kitchen after that.

Spent most of the rest of the afternoon pushing carts. It was a wonderful day for it. Though it was chilly, probably in the lower 30's, it was also calm and very sunny. The sun warmed the ground and melted the remaining ice...when there was sun. Any ice or snow in the shade froze and became icy places you'd have to watch out for. We were dead the entire afternoon. I also rounded up recycling and trash and swept the store once. Got stuck in a register at the end of the night when they wanted me to go in for the only cashier they had tonight. 

Called Uber after I finished...and they said they'd take 24 minutes. Oh well, I said. I bought another salad bowl for when I work until 7 on Thursday. Then I went outside and waited. And waited. And waited. When I checked the cell said the ride had been completed. Huh? I'd figure this one out when I got home. I got another driver, one who actually arrived in less than the 8 minutes stated and got me home quickly.

Had enough time for the last ten minutes of Sale of the Century while I had a snack. According to Jim Perry, the champ had been ahead the entire game, and she remained so in the Speed Round. She finished that with flying colors, then went on to win the Bonus Round money with time to spare.

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while I cleaned up and got organized. "Daniel Likes to Be With Dad" because they have fun times together. Daniel Sr. takes his son to the beach to collect shells, plays superhero with him, and shows him his new Chime Time at the Clock Factory. "Daniel Likes to Be With Mom" as they turn her rusty old childhood wagon into a red trolley wagon for Dan and his little sister Margaret. 

Finished up the night online after a shower. It took me a while, but I did finally figure out how to put in a complaint about that botched ride on Uber. They agreed. Within minutes, they sent me an e-mail saying the driver made the mistake and they'd refunded the ride. 

Cheered myself up after that with Family Feud. The Richard Dawson version did a week in 1983 where ten popular game show hosts of the time were pit against each other. Among the "Heavenly Hosts" were Betty White (who won the first Emmy for a female host for the short-lived Just Men), Jim Perry, Bob Eubanks, Bill Cullen (I think he was finishing up Child's Play at the time), and Nipsey Russell. "Marvelous MCs" included Peter Marshall of Hollywood Squares, Leslie Uggams (who were doing a game show/reality show hybrid called Fantasy at the time), long-time Miss America host Bert Parks, and former and future Name That Tune hosts Tom Kennedy and Jim Lange. 

Nobody can outwit Betty White at game shows. Anyone who's seen Bill Cullen grill contestants on To Tell the Truth and I've Got a Secret knows how brilliant he was. Between the two of them and some great answers, The Heavenly Hosts won the week by far with over 35,000 for their charities. 

(And a few other notes - I didn't realize how tall Jim Perry was until I saw him standing alongside the diminutive Richard Dawson and Bill Cullen. He towers over both of them and had to lean over to talk to Cullen in the very end of the last episode. And the expressive Bert Parks reminds me a lot of Lionel Stander's Max in Hart to Hart. I half expected him to call Marshall and Uggams Mr. and Mrs. H.)

Here's the entire week on YouTube!

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