Monday, April 11, 2022

Harts In Springtime

I was so glad to awaken to a sunny, breezy morning after the bad weather yesterday. Had a quick breakfast, then pushed my way past gardens of tulips and spicy-smelling hyacinths. Dashed down the road and just barely got to work on time.

I wish I hadn't. Work was a royal pain in the rear today. People were frequently fussy and not in the best moods. I'm tired of everyone complaining because New Jersey is banning plastic and paper bags at the stores next month. I don't see what's so hard about buying a few reusable bags. They always say our plastic bags are too thin, and now they're whining that we won't have them. Wish they'd start being more specific on the soda sales that you can only mix flavors, not brands. People keep bringing two of one brand and one of another and not being happy when they don't get the sale. Sorry, but the soda companies don't play nice with each other. Thank goodness they sent someone in for me so I could go home. 

Changed when I got home, then spent the next few hours organizing the front room. Moved the media history books to the same large shelf they were on at Jodie's house. It's about the only place they fit. The children's books went into a large Ikea shelf and a narrow folding shelf. The movie DVD boxes and TV show sets went back on the DVD rack. Used a smaller shelf for the Walt Disney Treasures and cartoon sets. 

Watched Match Game '77 as I worked. Brett wore her own flowered hat in tribute to Minnie Pearl as I got home...and was annoyed to see Minnie dressed normally. Minnie resumed her hat and ruffled dresses in the next episode. The others tried to figure out "__ Sense" in the Audience Match and what came out with the thermometer when it was removed from Mrs. Brown.

Match Game PM was one of the funniest of the later episodes. As Dolly Martin pointed out, Debralee Scott spent the main game flirting with a handsome young contestant. Her interest in him came to a head during the Audience Match. When Deb gave him the top answer for "__ Turkey," she kissed him and wouldn't let go! The panel tried to break them apart, while Bill Daily hid them behind his coat.

Grabbed more DVDs from the closet to put on while watching my first official Easter special of the year, The First Easter Rabbit. Stuffy was a toy bunny given to Glinda for Christmas, but he's supposed to be destroyed when she comes down with scarlet fever. A fairy takes pity on him and turns him into the Easter Bunny, symbol of springtime for all children. Ice wizard Zero just wants to find April Valley, Stuffy's new home, and turn it into a land of snow and ice like the rest of the North Pole.

Finished the night at The Roku Channel with Hart to Hart after a shower and putting the flattened boxes in recycling. In "Color Jennifer Dead," Jennifer's mostly delighted to have her portrait painted, but her happiness dampers quickly when the artist turns up dead and the portrait vanishes. She and Johnathan navigate the world of fine art to figure out why a fastidious art lover is so intent on killing off the artists he sponsors. 

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