Saturday, April 16, 2022

In Spring, the Easter Bunny Never Sleeps

This time, I started off the morning after a quick yogurt and fruit breakfast in my bedroom. Did things online and looked for a sleeper recliner to replace the futon at Amazon while watching Yogi the Easter Bear. Ranger Smith is so furious with Yogi when he eats the candy intended for the Jellystone Easter Jamboree, he threatens to send him to Siberia. Yogi and Boo Boo seek the Easter Bunny to replace the candy and end up rescuing him and the Easter chicken from a pair of very peculiar plastic-obsessed villains. 

Changed and had lunch downstairs before heading off to work. What a gorgeous day! It was sunny and bright at noon, perfect for a bike ride. Saw a lot of people cleaning up around the Phillies Yummies water ice booth. I assumed they were cleaning up to open...but as I discovered on Facebook later, their next-door neighbor The Puddin' Palace bought it and are remodeling it to sell pizza bagels and small hot snacks along with water ice and ice cream. 

The Acme was steady the entire afternoon. It was never dead, but not insanely busy like yesterday, either. I think most people usually do their pre-Easter shopping when they get off early on Good Friday. Customers were mainly there to buy things they forgot, or extra candy and treats for the kids. We also had far more help than usual, probably due to the high school kids being on their spring break now. I suspect a lot of people were out enjoying the beautiful 70-degree day, too. I was in and out with no problems other than my break being a bit late.

Went straight upstairs and changed as soon as I got home, then started going through the closets. The holiday decorations were moved into the smaller closet, along with the coats and a box of dishes. Moved all containers of linens and out-of-season clothes into the large closet with the doll boxes and cleaning supplies. I'll rearrange those tomorrow. 

Watched Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies as I worked. Granny tries to convince Bugs to replace the ailing Easter Bunny, but he's too busy making cartoons. He recommends other Toons who might take his place. That's pretty much it. This is less an Easter special and more a salute to award-winning cartoons from Termite Terrace. Among the Oscar-winners excerpted here are "Knighty Knight Bugs," "For Scentimental Reasons," and "Birds Anonymous." 

Switched to Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-Citement while eating dinner. Daffy introduces three all-new spring themed cartoons while dodging an animator with a really strange sense of humor. He and Sylvester chase a gold egg in the first story. The second has factory guard Daffy trying to keep Speedy Gonzales from stealing chocolate bunnies for the kids of his village. Daffy is solo in the third as he tries to go north without flying.

Tossed on a Looney Tunes Easter short as I finished the closet. Granny kept going on in Easter Funnies about how the Easter Bunny is supposed to be cute and lovable, but the bunny in "Easter Yeggs" is anything but. He's a fat lazy rabbit who hands Bugs his basket of eggs to avoid doing the work. Bugs finds out why when he's attacked by a gangster's egg-obsessed son and by Elmer, who wants him for his Easter stew.

Finished the night online with Springtime for Roo at Disney Plus. I go further into the Winnie the Pooh Easter special at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

The Lawrence Welk Show did a big Easter program every year. The 70's and 80's shows started with everyone promenading in Edwardian dress to "Easter Parade." The show in 1969 saved the parade for later in the episode and opted to open with everyone singing "A Tisket, a Tasket" inside a giant yellow Easter Basket. Jo Ann Castle didn't even try to hide her pregnancy as a female Easter Bunny who joyfully played "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" for Easter Bunny Arthur Duncan. Cissy King and Bobby Burgess did a really goofy "Bunny Waltz" in bunny suits in 1969. I far preferred their charming two-step to "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" in 1978. The 70's episodes end with everyone singing hymns as a church choir. 

Celebrate spring with Lawrence Welk and his musical family in these bits of Easter cheer!

Here's even more vintage Easter specials to catch while you wait for the arrival of the Easter Bunny!

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