Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Getting Organized

Had a lot to do when I got up this morning. I wanted to organize as much as I could get away with before work. After breakfast, I finished shelving the DVDs, then moved the media history books to the large shelf they were on in the other house. Found another closet with narrow shelves hidden behind the main door. That was perfect for the little odds and ends that originally went in the antique desk.

Watched The Easter Promise while I worked.  Twelve-year-old Addie Mills (Lisa Lucas) is thrilled when Broadway actress Constance Payne (Jean Simmons) returns to her hometown of Clear River, Nebraska in April 1947. She boasts to her girlfriends that her father knew her in high school. She invites her to dinner and convinces her to give out the prizes at her school's big style show. Unfortunately, Constance turns up drunk and spoils the event. Even after that, Addie asks Constance to give her and her friends acting lessons. The first session goes very well, but by the second, Constance has gone on a bender again. Addie's ready to give up, but her grandmother (Mildred Natwick) reminds her that spring is a time of renewal...and of giving life and friends a second chance.

Touching and funny, especially the first half with the girls in Addie's room and the style show. Cora Sue's peach "Hollywood" dress was my favorite, but the tulip applique outfit was genuinely cool, and Addie's rickrack dress was adorable (loved the hat!). I also like how much this reminds me of my sisters and I during Easter when we were Addie and the girls' ages. (Only we dyed hard-boiled eggs instead of blown ones.) Highly recommended during the Easter holidays for families, especially ones with girls Addie's age.

Switched to It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown as I pulled out the remaining boxes of records. The Peanuts are also getting ready to celebrate the spring holidays. Sally's shopping for Easter shoes, while Peppermint Patty tries and tries to show Marcie how to color eggs. Don't bother with all the fuss, says Linus. The Easter Beatle does that. Sally's skeptical after the infamous no-show with the Great Pumpkin at Halloween. Lucy would rather hide and find her own eggs.

Went to live TV for Match Game '78 as I changed into my work clothes and had a quick lunch. Raymond Burr made his only appearance on the show during this week, joining David "Bosley" Doyle and Elaine Joyce. Elaine jokes about Raymond deciding to speak today, which he does, quite eloquently. Meanwhile, Brett makes use of her hips to illustrate a question, leading to her idea of a stripper dance, including a very nice high kick!

Rushed out to work shortly after the episode ended. The hurry wasn't necessary. We were dead almost the entire day. Dead, and for once, had plenty of help. Despite it being Senior Discount Day, it was in the 70's by the time I went to work, and just too beautiful for shopping. We were so quiet, I spent an hour after break doing returns. Even after they pulled me back to the registers, I still didn't have that much to do. For all that, the day went very quickly with no problems, and I was in and out.

Went straight home and upstairs to watch Sister Act after I got off. I go further into this popular 1992 comedy with Whoopi Goldberg as a Reno lounge singer who turns a convent choir into a smash at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Since I was already on Disney Plus, I finished the night with Bluey. It's "Easter," but the girls are disappointed when their Easter baskets are empty. Bingo thinks the Easter Bunny forgot them. Bluey encourages her as they find a series of clues that leads them all around their home in search of chocolate eggs. 

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