Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Sunny Day Sweeping the Clouds Away

Got a really quick start this morning with breakfast and a peek out the window. What a gorgeous morning! Couldn't be nicer. Sunny, breezy, and bright. Perfect for bike rides. 

Good thing, because I had a few errands to run. First stop was the Haddon Township Library. Dropped my books in the return slot. Looked around a little after that, but didn't take out more. I found some children's books I wanted to read or re-read when I shelved them, including Maple Sugar for Windy Foot and one I bought at the Collingswood Book Festival last October but never got to, Bread and Roses, Too

Next stop was Target. Didn't see any yogurt in the refrigerator, and I thought that would make a better breakfast for me than wraps or cereal. Bought a low-fat, low-sugar vanilla. Grabbed more wraps to replace the ones I ate. Target's generic date and nut bars were buy one, get one 25% off; decided to try lemon and cashew peanut butter. 

When I got home, I had enough time to shelve the records I have here. Looks like all of the rock albums, Broadway cast albums, soundtracks, and rock collections. I think TJ and Eric have the children's albums and disco and country albums. I really need to get a hold of them. For now, I did manage to get all of the records into the wooden crates I have available. 

Watched the Muppet Babies Easter episode while I worked. Miss Nanny announces to the kids that whomever wins the egg hunt with get a special surprise. "Kermit and Fozzie's Egg-cellent Adventure" doesn't start out that way when Kermit tries to plan, but Fozzie wants to rush and get that surprise. Nanny finally explains hat it's better to figure out what you're going to do ahead of time, instead of rushing into things. "Animal and the Little Accident" happened when he didn't go to the bathroom before the kids search for the fabled city of Ratlantis. The others assure him that it happens to everyone, and when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Switched to Match Game '78 while I cleaned up and got organized. Things get really goofy during the Audience Match when Charles runs out to lead his own military regiment to victory, including the contestant in Air Force uniform while the others figure out "He's Got __." 

Grabbed a quick lunch, then hurried off to work. I'm glad it was only four hours today. Work was a pain. While we weren't overwhelmingly busy, we were busier than yesterday. I had a lot of obnoxious or annoying people, especially towards the end of the day. One man in an electric rider kept yelling at his wife to do his bagging, and she wasn't moving much better than him. He took forever to figure out the ATM machine, too. I was so glad when they sent someone from the bakery in so I could get out of there. Grabbed a drink and a Kind bar so I could get money for the bus tomorrow. 

Went straight home and upstairs after that. Took my small load of laundry down first to get that done, then sorted through the large closet to see what else went in the main room. Found the big box with the board games and family photos shoved in a corner. It took me a while to figure out where to put the games; they ended up on the open shelves in the entertainment center. The boxes of photos went on the shelf with the TV cartoon DVD sets, at least for now. Another box held non-fiction books. The fairy tales and books on stuffed animals and American Girl dolls went with the kids' books. Anything else went on the narrow IKEA shelf near the TV.

I also finally talked to Mom. She sent me a lovely birthday card today and said she was e-mailing me something tomorrow. Got a card from Lauren's parents with 20 dollars in it, and an Amazon card from Lauren.

Told her what I've done in the past week and a half and how my appointments went. She honestly doesn't think there's really much wrong with me, either, besides learning to control my emotions better. I just get so upset and frustrated. She says I hit all my regular milestones as a baby...except for not learning to talk until I was four. Before then, I had parents and and a sister who could talk for me. All I had to do was point to something, and they knew what it was. She also had many good suggestions for dealing with my troublesome thyroid. 

Arrived in time for Match Game '77. Character actor Gary Crosby turned up for the first time here, joining crusty Mary Wickes and goofy Joyce Bulifant. Mary, Joyce, and Brett lined up to be the ones who got to kiss the "new kid on the block!" Gene's more concerned about having to use a shorter microphone. Gary always did well on this game, helping the others figure out the Audience Match "Elizabeth __" in the second episode. 

Things got even wilder on Match Game PM. Gene had to deal with a noisy UCLA audience who loudly cheered and booed everything anyone said or did. Brett's more nervous about answering "Speedy ___" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished online after dinner and shower with Sister Act 2: Back In the Habit as I put my laundry away. I'll go further into the sequel to original Whoopi Goldberg comedy at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews tomorrow. 

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