Monday, April 25, 2022

The Trouble With Angels

Started the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel is "Mad at the Crayon Factory" when the box machine doesn't have enough cardboard for his box, so he can get his own crayons. Later, he's even more upset with his baby sister Margaret breaks his new rainbow crayon. His mother reminds him to count to four until he calms down and can figure out what to do. He and O are "Mad at School" after the tunnel they set up for Dan's tractor doesn't work. Teacher Harriet encourages them to think the problem over after they've calmed down.

Tried to make a gynecologist appointment after that...but I didn't realize Lourdes Medical Center was bought by Virtua Health. Their offices are now in Pennsauken. I was really hoping to take my bike back there, like I did in 2018, but that would require a longer Uber ride. I'll call Dr. Jessica tomorrow after my eye exam and see if she has any recommendations. 

Dashed off to work shortly after that. It was busy early on, to the point where I had a hard time handling the customers. I was still upset about not being able to make a gynecology appointment, and had two WIC check families who didn't get what they were supposed to, or weren't able to due to the ongoing supply problems, and complained or caused trouble. At least I had more help this time. Not only was there more help, but it petered out mid-way through the afternoon and never picked up again. It was so dead by the time I finished, and we had so much help, I was able to leave quickly with no need for a relief.

There was a fat envelope waiting for me at when I got home. Dr. Gullick sent me the results of my tests and interviews. She must not have understood a lot of what I said on the phone, because she got my family history details wrong. I was only in the Special Services Middle School during my junior high school years, from 1992 to 1995. I have a sister, a half-sister and a half-brother and an adopted sister, not two adopted sisters. I earned my Bachelor's degree in communications, not creative writing.

Rough translation - I don't have trouble with memory. In addition to the math, I have a hard time problem-solving, especially when there's a time crunch, focusing, and keeping my attention on tasks. I do better when I have time to do things. It's why I do so badly at work and have constant panic attacks. Grocery stores expect you to think fast on your feet and be able multitask...which, as I've tried to explain multiple times, I really have trouble doing. 

In fact, all my life, I've been constantly told that I'm too slow. Teachers told me in school I couldn't keep up with classwork, or with dressing in the locker rooms after my body started to develop at age 9. I could never keep up with Mom when we went for walks after I started to gain weight around the same time. All I've ever been told is "Emma, go faster. Emma, you have to move faster. You're too slow. Go faster. Swim faster. Walk faster." I've always had to move at everyone else's pace.

She also listed something called "Adjustment Disorder," which I suspect is more related to my recent problems. Basically, you're overwhelmed by sudden stressful situations in your life and have a hard time adjusting. That's hardly surprising, given everything that's happened to me in the past two years on top of a world-wide pandemic. 

I'm going to call Dr. Jessica tomorrow for gynecologist recommendations and discussing motor weaknesses. I also need to get a hold of Vocational Rehabilitation, which hasn't responded to me yet. 

Watched Match Game '77 while I changed and read. Arrived in time to see the second-half of the first episode, as Gene and Richard commented on a contestant's beautiful long hair. Later, they're shocked when the contestant goes with his own answer on "Wood __."

Had dinner by the time the next show came on. The contestant continues doing well with his own answers at the Audience Match, this time with "__ Four." Marcia Wallace doesn't do nearly as well with "__ Stomach" when she gets a rare shot at the Head-to-Head. 

Speaking of Marcia, she also had trouble in the PM episode for that week. Her answer for where a guy lost a few inches was censored, probably because it involved male parts. The episode was already pretty wild before that. Gene came in looking through a box with peep holes on the end, and there were all the ribald answers to whose nude pictures someone would sell to Richard Dawson.

Finished the night online after a shower with TV episodes at The Roku Channel. Tiffany and Kris are "Avenging Angels" in the fourth season of Charlie's Angels after someone gives Kelly coffee laced with heroin. Turns out it's a former drug addict (Cameron Mitchell) who stole heroin from his boss (Steve Kanaly) and planted it on Kelly, who was the officer who arrested him three years before. Now his boss thinks they're in cahoots. The girls and Bosley need to find Kelly and fast, before his boss tries anything else! (Incidentally, this is the only episode where we never hear from Charlie.)

Silver Spoons is also currently on Roku. In "Ricky and the Legend," Ricky is over the moon when an ultra-cool high schooler "Ledge," short for "Legend," starts hanging around with him. He does his homework, gives him gas money, and starts acting like him. Edward is less admiring of Ledge's behavior, especially when his gold pen vanishes. While Ledge wasn't involved in that, Ricky still comes to realize he's using him anyway.  

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