Friday, April 22, 2022

Three Cheers for Earth Day!

Awoke to an absolutely glorious morning. The Earth couldn't have been more beautiful to celebrate it's big day. It was sunny and bright, a bit breezy, but not the gale-force winds we had earlier in the week. Ate a very quick breakfast before dashing off and getting to work just in time.

Which was a good thing. Work was mobbed, with lines winding half-way down the store for a lot of the day. Between people on vacation and people calling out, we didn't have anything resembling enough help to deal with them all. Didn't help that there were a couple of people not in great moods or happy over the long lines. 

There was some excitement around noon, though. Acme is one of the sponsors of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Audubon store was among those that got a visit from the Eagles' mascot Swoop and the Eagles cheerleaders this afternoon. Customers could bring in plastic bags to trade for heavy cloth ones and take photos with the ladies and their friend. 

Later, the cheerleaders not only brought extras to give away for free, but they helped me bag at my line, too. I chuckled at them helping the customers and tried to avoid the photographer taking copious pictures of them. (And yes, I snagged two bags for myself.)

Not happy with my schedule next week at all. Only one day off, Tuesday, for counseling and my eye exam. The hours for the rest of the week range all over the map, from late on Thursday to very early next Saturday. People are still using the last of their vacation time before it starts over May 1st...leaving us still really short on help. 

Went straight home and upstairs after work. Changed and had dinner while watching Match Game '77. Richard's delighted to chat with a young woman who remembers him signing her balloon six years before. He does better with "Secretary of __" than "Thumbs __" on two Head-to-Heads.

I was so wiped out, I nearly passed out during Match Game PM. Too bad, as it was the nighttime episode from the week in 1977 with Bill Cullen and Debralee Scott. Gene gets a bit tongue-tied on a question at one point, but maybe that's because he was admiring the pretty saleswoman contestant. He and Richard were certainly ready to take orders from her!

Managed to wake up long enough to switch to The Lorax special for Earth Day. The Once-ler chops down the beautiful Truffula trees to make his faddish Thneeds. The Lorax is a forest spirit who speaks for the trees and the animals the Once-ler's factory displaces, but he ignores him in the face of growing profits. The Once-ler builds and builds up his factory and the town surrounding it, thinking he'll be able to just keep making money forever. Nothing, however, lasts forever, and when the last tree is cut down, he and the Lorax learn a sad lesson about the damage unchecked "progress" can do.

Finished the night on Hulu with two 90's cartoons with ecological-themed episodes. Sailor Moon did one in the second half of the first season. "Usagi's Panic: Rei's First Date" has Usagi following Mamoru and Rei as they go on a date at a local park and bringing nerdy Umino along as a cover. Ami and Luna are more concerned about Ami's older friend, a gardener who is upset that the park will be torn down and built over. He's been acting very strangely lately. Turns out it was a plot by Nephrite to steal the not only the man's energy, but all the animals in the park, too. The Guardians not only have to fight off a plant-based monster, but animals attacking them as well.

The Tiny Toons have slightly less harrowing adventures taking care of the Earth as they come up with three "Pollution Solutions" in the first season of Tiny Toon Adventures. "The No Deposit, No Return of the Trash Bag Dispenser" has Plucky turning superhero to teach Elmyra about recycling. It's a "Jungle Bungle" when Buster and Babs try to stop a corrupt executive (with a familiar name) from destroying the jungle to build a front lawn. Go-Go the Dodo is "Waist Deep In Wackyland" when Montana Max sends the pollution from his factory into Go-Go's home. He puts Monty on trial and sends him out to clean the mess slapstick style.

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