Thursday, April 28, 2022

Winds of Spring

Got a quick start today with breakfast, then went straight into writing. Brett is horrified to realize this has all been a trap. Jimmie (Walker) the Dodo manages to escape down the hall, but the Red King rounds up the others and turns Brett and Duchess Marcia (Wallace) over to Jack (Klugman) the Red Knight. Richard wants to fight for her and the boys, though...

Hurried off to work as soon as I finished and changed. I needn't rushed. It was a little busy when I came in, but that died quickly. Between a lovely (if still very windy) day, it being between holidays again, and this being the end of the month, we were dead almost the entire afternoon. I went in for a few people, but I got too bored just standing around. Ended up spending most of the evening quietly and happily putting away returns and dodging people reorganizing the candy at the registers. (And...yay! Looks like they finally sent out the cards for the WIC customers. Saw my first one today, and it went so much quicker, especially compared to customers who had checks and didn't have everything they needed.)

Hurried home the second I finished. Went straight upstairs for dinner and Match Game PM.  The female contestant gets her wish to kiss Richard in the end, twice, actually. After the second time, Gene tries to drag her back, only for him and Richard to end up tugging her back and forth in a tug of war. There's also come goofy comments to what Richard Nixon will be (or won't be) wearing to his next interview with David Frost. Richard and Gene get in some depreciating comments about the 1970's version of the Match Game board game, too. 

Finished the night after cleaning up from dinner with Girl Crazy on HBO Max. I go further into the final full Mickey Rooney-Judy Garland vehicle at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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