Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Bad Day Rising

Started out a gray morning with breakfast. While it wasn't lovely outside, it wasn't raining at that point, either. I rode to work and actually managed to get there a few minutes early this time. 

Which is about the only thing that went right the entire day. Work was a mess. This is the first Tuesday of the month and the first Senior Discount Day of the month, plus a lot of other people were buying huge orders, too. Some people spent upwards to nearly 800 dollars...and they weren't happy about it. I was supposed to be rounding up carts while the other bagger swept the store, but they kept pulling me inside to take customers. I was gathering trash and recycling the last time they did it. Not only was I there for the remaining three hours of my shift, but I never was able to take the trash and recycling to the back of the store. They remained in an unused register the entire time.

Went straight home, got my laundry started downstairs, and made dinner. I pulled out chicken thighs earlier in the afternoon. Added sliced potatoes and carrots for a simple but flavorful baked chicken meal.  Watched Match Game '76 after I pushed the chicken in the oven. Bert Convy and Patty Duke joined in to help a contestant try to figure out "__ Soda" in the Audience Match and see Gene scold cue card boy Roger Dobowitz for sleeping on the job. 

Went downstairs to try something different. I wanted to used coconut flour to make something for dessert. Alas, it came out very badly. No matter how much water or milk I added, it just stayed dry, and two eggs couldn't bind it. I tried turning the whole mess into a bread, but it didn't close to come together. I finally just threw the bits away. 

At least the chicken and vegetables came out perfectly. Had them with a green salad while watching Match Game '77. Hans Conried, the original voice of Captain Hook from the Disney Peter Pan, and Laugh-In sweetie Sarah Kennedy were on aboard for a very funny episode that saw Betty White and Charles Nelson Reilly switching seats for the first half. Gene kept getting them mixed up, since he was used to them sitting in opposite seats. 

Went downstairs to do the dishes; came back up for Match Game PM. Richard Paul was very happy when the contestant gave him kisses for helping her with the Audience Match. Announcer Johnny Olsen was even happier. When she kissed him in the end, he fainted!

Finished the night on Disney Plus with the West Side Story remake from last year after a shower and putting my laundry away. I go further into this gritty take on the teen version of Romeo & Juliet at my Musical Dreams Movie reviews blog. 

Oh, and the rain finally came down around 11 PM, when I was chatting with Lauren and had long been at home. 

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