Saturday, April 02, 2022

Welcome to the Sunshine

I was so worn out and stayed up so late chatting with Lauren, it was 11:30 before I awoke, and nearly 1 before I got going. Watched The Backyardigans as I had a quick peanut butter and jam wrap and banana for breakfast. Uniqua and Pablo want to convince skeptical tourists Tasha and Austin to go on their cruise through the swamps, so they tell them "The Swamp Creature" is lurking in the reeds. Little do they know that Tyrone the Swamp Creature actually is lurking around and keeps trying to follow them when he hears they're looking for him.

Went for a walk around 1:30. It was too nice of a day not to! The wind finally blew itself out last night, leaving blue skies and warm upper 50-lower 60 degree temperatures in its wake. Spring is really hitting South Jersey now. Shiny buttercups and dandelions grow in yellow starbursts along the lake, and the trees are starting to show the first signs of green leaves. Other trees are laden with tiny white flowers that shower petals overhead like the snow squall from last week. White and purple hyacinths and golden daffodils bloom in every garden. 

Ended up at the Haddon Township Library. Wanted to find books on prediabetes, one of the many conditions I seem to have right now. There were piles of books on that, and at least one on hypothyroidism, another condition I may have on the list Dr. Jessica printed out. I'd love to get my health together without having to take a ton of pills or constantly monitoring my blood sugar levels. 

Most of it may have to do with all the stress I've been under for the past few years. I haven't been out and about as often, either. I haven't had the time to volunteer, and I push carts a lot less than I used to. Haven't been able to get out for a lot of walks or bike rides, either. I was too busy trying to find a place and get my life together. Stopped doing yoga classes when I got tired of riding to Collingswood and paying for the classes. I'd like to do them again, maybe finding cheaper classes closer to home. 

Had a very quick lunch when I got home while watching Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo on Tubi. "When You Wish Upon a Star Creature" brings the gang to the Green Hills Observatory to see a huge telescope. Professor Spaulding used it to find what he thinks is a new star. It turns out that "new star" is a star creature, and alien that's scaring everyone away from their light shows. Shaggy and Scooby are ready to join them, but Scrappy and the others think there's something very down-to-earth about this so-called alien. 

Went straight online when I finished. Did a few things online, including working on my Blank In Wonderland fanfic. Brett follows a white shawl fluttering on the wind to Queen Helen Rayburn, Gene's real-life wife. Helen's normally a very put-together woman, but she's so worried about her husband and their home being under siege, she's a mess. She tries to recruit Brett as a lady's maid, but she has no interest in jam tomorrow and yesterday. 

Put on Doc McStuffins while having leftovers for dinner. "Joni the Pony" is a beautiful purple horse with a flashy long mane that can be raised or lowered by a knob. She loves to show it off, but it gets in the way when she's doing a horse and lamb show with Lambie. Doc finally convinces her that's it's time to raise her hair and get a hair cut. Doc and her crew are "Sleepless In Stuffyland" when Stuffy can't sleep the night before Doc has a big presentation at school and keeps everyone awake.

Finished the night online with The Little Mermaid Live! at Disney Plus. I go further into this hybrid of the live stage show and animated film at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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Linda said...

Prediabetes doesn't mean you need to monitor your blood sugar; it just means you need to watch your diet more. More salad, fewer pizza slices--fewer carbs period. You should try to keep your A1C under 6. You have been taking Uber a lot lately; you need to bike more like you used to. I remember you outwalking both James and I in Philly!! Drink lots of water. I think you're already doing diet soda--if not, you should be. Eat more fruits, that sort of thing.