Monday, October 03, 2022

Angels In the Rain

Slept in today, something I haven't done in ages. When I did finally roll out of bed, it was past noon. I fed the cats, then watched Match Game '75 while I ate breakfast. The crew celebrates Christmas with Brett's two stuffed toys from a fan and helping a gentleman who actually does own a hotel in Encino win the game. They have a far harder time with "G.I __" in the Audience Match. 

Went online to look up a few things and make some phone calls. I haven't heard from Vanessa at Abilities Solutions yet, so I called her first. Ended up leaving her a message. Called the dentist's office to make an appointment for a regular cleaning, but they couldn't get me in until November 29th! 

Didn't get out until nearly 2 PM. Wanted to pick up money from PNC Bank. They no longer have tellers. Anyone who wants money from the Collingswood bank has to use an ATM machine...and of course, the inside one wasn't working. I had to use one of the outside ones, and I couldn't get as much money as I needed. 
I did make an appointment with a gentleman to discuss my accounts tomorrow. I want to save for some kind of a small dwelling. I don't really need a house. Even much-coveted "starter" houses are too large for me.  I'd be better off with a condo or mobile home that's not so much to take care of or pay for. I'd also like to upgrade my accounts to reflect my current finances. I made them when I barely had any money. Between the money I made when my hours were crazy and the money I inherited, I'm no longer barely getting by.

Since the continuing rain had dwindled to a small shower, I treated myself to lunch at the Pop Shop in honor of finishing Blank In Wonderland. Given it was 2:30 by then, they were empty except for one family with small children. I kept things simple and ordered iced tea, three "bettys" (their plate-sized pancakes), and a fruit cup. The pancakes were a little dry, but still tasty...and too big to finish. They also filled me up so much, I passed on dessert. Peeked at the gourmet grocery across the street from them after that, but most of their wares were too expensive for me. 

The rain briefly stopped as I stopped at Dollar General. Wanted to buy more of their cheap electrolyte drinks. They had the citrus and the watermelon-strawberry this time. Picked up a bunch of things for Halloween treat bags, including the bags, spider rings, and stickers. 

With the rain picking up again as I arrived home, this was no day to linger. Cleaned up the cats' litter boxes and took out the trash and recycling, then spent the rest of the afternoon upstairs. I meant to work on writing, but I just got too distracted online and never got to it. Everyone's always saying I'm too hard on myself, but this is when I think I'm not hard enough on myself. If I could just give myself a good solid kick, I could actually get things done and wouldn't waste time.

Put on Match Game '77 while eating fish and leftover vegetables for dinner. McLean Stevenson actually ended up being the $250 answer to "__ Stevenson" in the Audience Match. (His cousin and 1955 presidential nominee Adelai Stevenson was the top answer.) Shortly after, Gene gets very upset when the turntable brings the challenger too early! The contestant turns out to be a very pretty lady named Tom, or Thomasine, which prompts several jokes on tomboyish names from the panel.

Finished the night online after a shower with Charlie's Angels. "Haunted Angels" investigate a friend of Bosley's who gave her home to an institute for paranormal research. One of the psychics studying there first seems to channel the woman's late nephew, who claims he wants his mother to give up trying to contact his spirit, then seemingly dies in front of everyone on camera. Sabrina joins up as a psychic and Kris as a student of the paranormal to investigate. Kris ends up falling for a real psychic, while Kelly discovers that the young man who died was a lot wilder than his aunt wanted to believe. 

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