Saturday, October 01, 2022

Books and Harvests

Had a quick breakfast this morning while watching Tattletales. Eva Gabor and her then-husband Frank Jameson were beating Jamie Farr and his sweet wife Joy and game show host Dennis James and his smart wife Mickie when I came in, but then the Farrs and Jameses got a question about whether the guys would rather see a Disney movie or an X-rated movie. (Joy said she and Jamie tried an X-rated movie once, and he didn't get through 10 minutes before leaving!) 

Quickly fed the kittens, then hurried out to check out the Collingswood Farm Market. Thankfully, by the time I made it out around 11, the rain had long since vanished. It remained dark, damp, and humid, but not rainy. Evidently, the farmers planned for worse weather. Only about half the vendors made it, and all but one were under the elevated train tracks. Despite the reduced inventory for sale, it remained very busy. I did manage to get out with small gala apples, two little sweet potatoes, grapes, and a tomato. 

Headed down Collings Avenue to the Collingswood Middle and High School. Collingswood holds its Book Festival there in bad weather. Indeed, I ran straight into heavy crowds soon as I parked my bike. A few used book sellers crowded the outdoor archway between the schools. They mainly sold vintage sci-fi and fantasy novels, though there were sellers with larger and more varied books in the back. 

New books by local authors were sold inside the school. As I tried to navigate the full and crowded hallways filled with tables, a shrill alarm nearly made me jump out of my skin! Someone set off the fire alarm. Followed everyone out the nearest set of doors. 

Turned out one of the officials smelled gas...or thought they did. I heard someone say the gas was outside the buildings, not inside. It took over 20 minutes for us to be let back in. I explored the used vendors again, but decided to wait until I'd fully checked out the inside.

After I made it back in the school, I took a few twists and turns into the cafeteria. The children's book sellers were here, reading stories and encouraging all the kids to stretch and play between tales. Found the used kids' books here and a table with freebees, including books and string backpacks. Found something I'd been looking for at the new children's book sales racks in the hallway as you entered the building. 

Made one last stop at the used sci-fi books to grab a few more I looked at, but turned down before. Considering the messy weather, heavy crowds, missing book sellers, and I lost 20 or so minutes to the alarm incident, I did very well. Ended up with:

The fantasy/mystery spoofs Sweet Silver Blues, Bitter Gold Tears, and Red Iron Nights by Glenn Cook

Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronvich 

The Classic Fairy Tales, edited by Maria Tantar (Comparisons of different versions of famous fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White) 

Miss Pickerell and the Lost World by Dora Pantell (This is the freebee I picked up in the children's room.)

Wolfie Monster and the Big Bad Pizza Battle by Joey Ellis (Bought it from the new children's book sellers. I originally found an edited version of the first two chapters as a Free Comic Book Day giveaway a few years ago. This graphic novel about three very different monster brothers who save their town and their pizza business from an evil executive who wants to take over the world was so adorable and funny, I've been looking for the full book ever since.)

Took the long way home across Newton Lake Park. I originally planned on hitting Dollar General, but decided to save that for Monday. It was almost 2 by that point. I wanted lunch, and the clouds and heavy humidity continued to linger. It really wasn't a good day to be out roaming. I picked up a lamb gyro and Diet Coke at Crown Chicken and Gyro around the corner and took it home. 

Got good news and bad news when I arrived. Mom texted me and told me my brother Keefe's new daughter was born this afternoon. However, Aurora Alene debuted too early and had intestinal problems. She would be in surgery on Monday. I'm really worried. Her mother Julia came out fine, though, so hopefully, so will her child.

Watched Mickey's Tale of Two Witches on Disney Plus while I ate lunch. Minnie the Wonderful and Daisy Doozy are witches-in-training with Witch Master Clarabelle Cow. Minnie knows she'll do well, but Daisy's not so sure. After her attempt to decorate for Clarabelle's Boo Bash is a disaster, she steals her mentor's Moon Wand...only for it to fall into the hands of ghost Pete. Pete turns himself into a truly scary pumpkin monster, giving Daisy and Minnie the chance to prove they're stronger together. Meanwhile, Count Mickula and his buddies attempt to compose a song for the party, with little success.

Switched to spooky Peanuts specials as I pulled out winter clothes, blankets, and my heavier leather purse. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown has Linus preparing for the yearly arrival of the title character in a "sincere" pumpkin patch. Against her better judgement, Sally joins him. Charlie Brown has his own troubles trick-or-treating, while Snoopy gets ready for Veteran's Day early as he fights the Red Baron. 

Snoopy turns magician in It's Magic, Charlie Brown. His spells don't work, until he turns Charlie Brown invisible. Charlie Brown is very first. Until he realizes that Lucy can't pull the football away if she can't see him coming...

Put up most of my Halloween decorations while watching Garfield's Halloween Adventure. Garfield and Odie dress as pirates for a night of trick-or-treat plundering. Things get scary fast when they're stranded on an island with pirate ghosts who'll do anything to protect their treasure!

Spent the next hour and a half writing. Brett's annoyed with him over his complaining about not getting gifts as a panelist. Does Jack have to complain about everything? He reminds her that she does it, too, when she fusses over the "Hall of Fame" argument during the Audience Match on the first day of the week. Their tendency to be competitive is part of what drove them apart in the first place. 

Broke to make dinner. Found two simple chicken breasts in the refrigerator. Covered them in ginger dressing and herbs, then sliced carrots and celery and baked them in an apple cider vinegar broth. The one remaining zucchini had squishy parts, so I sliced that up and sauteed it. Threw a sweet potato in the microwave. Honestly, I didn't let the chicken cook for long enough, but it tasted all right. The zucchini and sweet potato were delicious, though.

Finished the night watching Heidi upstairs. I go further into one of Shirley Temple's most famous vehicles at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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Linda said...

I hope you will like MIDNIGHT RIOT. It's the first of Ben Aaronovitch's Peter Grant stories, otherwise known as the "Rivers of London" series.