Saturday, October 29, 2022

History Is Made at Night

Started the morning with breakfast and Halloween Is Grinch Night. When a sour sweet wind sends the Grinch on the prowl with his Paraphernalia Wagon filled with psychedelic scares, all of the Whos flee for the safety of their dwellings. Little Eukeriah Who gets lost up on the mountain and takes it on himself to make sure the Grinch and his infamously weird wagon never make it to the town.  

Headed out shortly after Grinch Night ended. Work was busy and harried. We had long lines, and often little or no help. If people weren't buying food for their Halloween parties, they were preparing for the Phillies game tonight or the Eagles game tomorrow. Thankfully, it settled down enough by 7 for me to let off slightly early to return a bag of fried chicken someone didn't want and rush out. 

Got my schedule during one of my breaks. Not thrilled with working very early tomorrow. However, that does mean I'll get to see at least part of Buzzr's Halloween marathon, including Match Game '90. The rest of the week is more realistic, though I do have another eight-and-a-half hour day on Saturday. 

Rushed home fast as I could to catch Match Game PM #12. This episode hasn't been seen anywhere since 1975! To my disappointment, I switched on the TV to discover Buzzr running the last five minutes. I thought they made the mistake...but I later discovered that the episode has been mislabeled for almost 50 years. It's really episode #11. 

Match Game Productions re-ran it on YouTube at 9:30 PM, and it was worth the wait. Adrianne Barbeau and Gary Burghoff join in to admire Fannie Flagg's sweater with a winking sequin eye and see a young man strike out twice on the Audience Match, one of two times this was known to happen on the nighttime shows. The young man just took off after that, leaving Richard to do a dramatic reading in his Newkirk cockney accent of a letter sent in by a British bricklayer who had a rough time with a barrel of bricks. 

Stayed on YouTube to finish the night with Lawrence Welk Halloween episodes. This is the last show you'd probably think would get into this frightening holiday, but they really ran with it. Jo Ann Castle and Jack Imel had a blast scaring the younger Lemmons as a pair of ghouls singing "Trick or Treat" from the Donald Duck cartoon in 1965, while Arthur Duncan got devlish tapping to "Old Devil Moon." Duncan joined Ken Delo to spoof Young Frankenstein in 1981 as Duncan helps Delo's monster get ready for a night on the town to "Puttin' On the Ritz." Bobby Burgess is Dracula looking for his perfect victim in "All I Need Is the Girl," while dashing Zorro Tom Netherton admits "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" and Bride of Frankenstein Kathie Sullivan sings how "I Enjoy Being a Girl," mile-high hairdo and all.

My favorite episode I hadn't seen before was from 1979. Arthur Duncan is a hobo who is delighted to be dancing with "My Grandfather Clock." Slinky Anacani croons about how "The Moon Was Yellow," real-life country singer Jim Turner tells us about "Ghost Riders In the Sky" dressed as a cowboy, and Bobby and Elaine Niverson are two "Alley Cats" out for a night stroll with Myron Floren. Kathie gets the best number here, as her vampiress sings about how "It's Nice to Have a Man Around the House"...provided those men are Dracula and a werewolf! Jack and Mary Ann Metzger are a little spookier as a Jeckyl and his nurse who get their invisibility on with "They'll Be Some Changes Made." 

Who says champagne and pumpkin pie don't go together? Let Lawrence Welk's merry musical Halloween bashes play in the background at your Halloween party! 

And here's that review of Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie that I watched yesterday!

Oh, and the Phillies didn't get lucky this time. They lost their second World Series game to the Astros 5 to 3.

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