Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Dolls on a Dark Autumn Afternoon

Started off with breakfast and checking outside. The clouds still lingered, but I saw no rain pattering in the puddles. In fact, the sidewalks were largely dry. I don't think it rained for several hours. Figured it would be fine to ride my bike to work. Barely got out the door on time, thanks to taking too long to eat, and was almost late.

Which is probably the most exciting thing that happened all day. We were dead almost the entire afternoon. Despite there being more help than usual for a Wednesday, it never got worse than mildly steady. Of course, my last customers had three carts of food, a quarter of which they put back because the little girl with them threw in candy she wasn't allowed to have and a sippy cup she was way too old for. And they each bought their orders separately, and were fussy about bagging. And no one told me I didn't have a relief. They took so long, I was nearly late getting off.

Heard from PNC Bank before I left for work this morning and the dentist's office during my break. Ms. Ford claimed it was all a mistake and they still wanted me to come in for financial planning tomorrow. The dentist had a last-minute cancellation and would also be able to get me in later in the afternoon. 

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road. I probably shouldn't have gone during the start of rush hour, but I wanted to cheer myself up after dealing with those customers. Thankfully, the road work in Audubon has moved to the side streets. I cut through Oaklyn and got home with little fuss, other than the continuing cloudy, cool, and dreary weather. At least it hasn't rained harder than a mild misting since last night.

Changed and had a snack, then went into dressing the dolls for cooler weather. Ariel wears Julie's Calico Dress with the red tights and high boots. A bandana holds back her masses of copper hair. Samantha got her Play Dress and Pinafore with white tights and the black and white boots from her Flower-Picking Dress. I love Josefina's current meet outfit with the scarlet and sky blue print skirt and blue sash. Whitney wears a maroon and black knit skirt and white shirt with a black collar with a maroon shrug that's really a regular Our Generation outfit, though it looks like it could be part of the Retro line. 

Put Jessa in her original yellow meet sweater and high-necked striped t-shirt with the high-top sneakers from the Blue Jean Basics and the magenta leggings from the original 1995 modern "meet" outfit. Felicity is in her original Rose Garden Gown meet outfit. Found Molly's blue gingham dress at the Barrington Antique Center with other hand-made doll outfits last year. I really don't have much for Barbara Jean. She's back in the purple paisley minidress she came in with a white ruffled Springfield Collection sweater over it. 

Worked on writing for a while after I finished with the dolls. Jack wishes Brett would stop hitting up bars in West Hollywood with Charles. She's glad for the attention, including from three sailors. He also reminds her that he's starring in an actual program (he was just starting Quincy, MD in 1978) and she's only doing a game show...but Brett loves Match Game and thinks it's the best job in the world. 

Broke for dinner at 7 PM. The next Match Game '77 episode has a notoriously raunchy answer and has never been rerun by Game Show Network or Buzzr. We pick up with a new champion...and Brett's admittance that she badly misses Charles, who was on hiatus to appear on Broadway at that point. Gene very nearly manhandles the male contestant in the episode after that, tweaking his thick mustache and shaking his tie. He handled it well, tossing out a quip after he did it. 

Finished the night on The Roku Channel after a shower. I started a Charlie & Lola episode when I got in, but never finished it. "I Want to Make Music," Lola tells Charlie. Charlie's practicing his clarinet with Marv for a school assembly. He says Lola can't play an instrument like him, but she can make her own from things around the house like beans in a plastic container and various levels of pink milk in glasses. Lola's sound effects come in handy when Marv gets sick and Charlie's doing the assembly on his own.

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