Saturday, October 08, 2022

Rushed Harvest

Got a really quick start this morning with breakfast and Doc McStuffins. "Lambie Gets the Linties" when she falls into a mud puddle and must be washed and dried. She's upset that she can't take part in Professor Hootsburg's portrait, but Doc needs her to be patient and stay still to get the lint off. The Professor's having more trouble trying to keep the Wicked King out of the portrait. Stuffed cow Moo Moo dreams of being a ballerina, but she has trouble with her first class. After she falls over and rips her leg, "Moo Moo's Boo Boo" needs surgery from Doc...but she also needs Doc encouraging her to keep practicing. 

I overslept, so it was past 10:30 when I rushed out for today's errands. St. Mark's a few blocks from me in Oaklyn had their Fall Festival today. Not much there - a craft table, a few tables selling wreaths or holiday decorations, tables selling food. I saw nothing of interest and quickly moved on.

Hurried off to the Collingswood Farm Market. They're getting down to the end of their season and had fewer booths than usual, too. Watermelons, peaches, and nectarines are gone, but there's plenty of everything else around. I managed to make my way through the crowds long enough to pick up some tasty little Gala apples, round Asian pears, and three small decorative gourds. Stopped very fast at WaWa for a Coke Dreamland Zero before heading home.

At I had great weather for running around. Though it was windy and chilly, the sun had come out, the sky was radiant blue, and it felt rather nice if you could get out of the wind. I enjoyed my ride to the Farm Market, and to work after I rushed home, changed, and headed out again.

I wish I stayed on the bike. Work continues to be a pain in the rear. Not only did I get stuck in a register today, but we had no help for most of the evening. There were long lines for most of the afternoon, often down the aisles. I couldn't handle the sheer volume and kept panicking. Everyone says I'm being too hard on myself, but I really should be better at dealing with this by now. And of course, they had absolutely no help when I got off at 7, no one to come in for me, and I had two large orders, one with multiple carts. Thought the people were nice about it, I behaved badly and got off late. 

Got my schedule during work. On one hand, I do have more hours than I've had in weeks. I'm not happy at all about working 8 1/2 hours two days in a row, including tomorrow, though. I'll have to miss the Eagles game and the town picnic. It's all late days except for Thursday, too...and given I'm off Tuesday and Wednesday, I have the bad feeling I'm probably working seven days in a row again. 

Dashed home the second I could get away. Had a late dinner while watching Match Game PM. This 1977 episode featured a Canadian woman with a charming accent and a tight Match Game t-shirt that showed every bit of her curves, much to Richard and Dick Gautier's delight. Jo Ann Plfug was more nervous when she had to help her with "Boo __" in the Audience Match.

Finished the night on Tubi with The Magic Voyage. I go further into this goofy German animated retelling of Columbus' famous trip (with a few characters you won't hear about in history books) at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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