Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Rainy Day Spooks and Frights

Started a late morning with breakfast and the Halloween episode of Sheriff Callie's Wild West in honor of my costume. Bandits commit "The Great Halloween Robbery" when they steal the town's jack-o-lantern filled with treats. They bury the treats under what they think is a lone cornstalk...and get a major shock when they return and it's surrounded by a corn maze. Sheriff Callie, Peck, and Toby chase them through the maze and look for the treats. Peck thinks his fictional spook story "The Ghost of the Scary Prairie" is great fun. Toby, however, believes it...and gets the townspeople believing it too when he sees what he thinks is a ghost chasing him and Peck.

Worked on writing for a couple of hours after that. Brett teases Charles about finding a Coast Guard officer to be handsome. Charles was an auxiliary member of the Coast Guard for many years, something he often spoke of on the 70's and 90's Match Games. Brett wishes she was better at the fast-paced Match Up portion of the show that had panelists quickly guessing between two words the contestant chose. She misses Gene Rayburn's strong handling of the panelists and wishes Ross Schafer, the current host, was better at reigning everyone in.

Broke for lunch at 1:30. Dug into one of my homemade holiday DVDs for Raggedy Ann & Andy and the Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile. The famous rag doll duo first bring a depressed pumpkin to a sad little boy whose strict aunt forbid him from dressing up for Halloween or having a pumpkin. They then remind the aunt that she used to be a child, too, and that she used to have her own fun at Halloween.

Switched to the swashbuckler spoof Jack of All Trades as I got ready for work. Jack and Emilia are shocked when Jack's Scarlet Pimpernel-esque alter ego the Daring Dragoon is accused of desecrating church tombs. Emilia drinks a potion that turns her into a "Dead Woman Walking" in order to get a close-up look at the tombs and catch the real villain. Jack joins her, only to almost end up burned to death in a coffin!

Headed out to work shortly after that ended. Work started out busy during rush hour, but after that ended, our customers died out. It got so quiet, I shut down a little early to put away cold items before I went home. No trouble whatsoever, other than I ended up in a register again.

I found out why our customers vanished when I emerged to a dark, wet world. The damp clouds that lingered all morning must have finally burst sometime during the afternoon. Thankfully, the rain had long disappeared by the time I got out. 

Had dinner while watching Match Game '77. Ed Asner, Lou Grant himself, and Debralee Scott join in for the beginning of what became a rather infamous week. Things start fairly innocuous here, with some odd answers to a strange question about what the Godfather crushed in Italy. Richard has less trouble with "__ Jar" in the Head-to-Head.

Took a shower, then ended the night with Rock n' Roll Nightmare at Amazon Prime. I go further into this campy low-budget horror musical from Canada at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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