Thursday, October 06, 2022

Autumn Blue and Gold

Started the morning with breakfast and Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special. Bugs goes up against Witch Hazel in this collection of bits and pieces from various classic Looney Tunes horror shorts. At least, unlike Bugs' Easter special, they used shorts that actually involved horror or Halloween, and the filler between them has a few funny moments with Bugs and Hazel.

Headed out shortly after it ended. My first stop of a long and busy day was PNC Bank. Thankfully, their financial advisor changed their mind about talking to me today. We mostly discussed my other account, the one with the rest of my inheritance. It's losing money. I want to change it so I can earn money on it before I take it out, not lose it. He says he can do that, but he'll need Dad's death certificate. Trouble is...the only people who would know where that is are Jodie, whose number I deleted from my phone, and Rose, who isn't speaking to me. He's going on vacation this weekend, which will give me more time to figure it out.

Wanted to check out Collingswood Music, but they don't open until 1, and it was noon. Went next-door to check out their neighbor DiBartolo's Bakery instead. Their beloved specialty is cakes, but I can't bring one home on my bike. Chose of box of Italian cookies instead that included their amazing coconut macaroons. 

Made a quick stop at Dollar General on the way home. I forgot to pick up a new set of dry erase markers for my schedule yesterday. Went in, bought those, then went out. 

Dropped off my blue hoodie sweater, the folder with the bank information, and the markers at home, then went back out. Took the long way down Nicholson Road. The weather is now too nice to rush things. What a difference from the last few days! Today was blue as could be, sunny, windy, and much warmer, in the lower 70's. Couldn't have been a nicer ride.

Had lunch at Tu Se Bella's Pizza after I parked my bike at the bike rack next to the Acme. I must have just missed the lunch crowd. They were totally dead. Had no trouble getting a seat up front to eat my slices of mushroom and broccoli and shrimp and sip my Diet Pepsi.

Next on the list was a hair cut. Mine had gotten too long and frizzy again. Unlike the last time I got my hair done in early May, they were dead as can be, with no wait and no line. The only people there when I arrived were two hair dressers. Went shorter this time, to just above my shoulders, and still layered. I love it. It looks great. My hair gets too unmanageable when it's long. 

Had far less luck with T-Mobile. They told me that in order to keep my cell phone number, Jess would have to let me off her line. I'd text her later, after I got home. 

My last stop was the Acme. If you buy two boxes of Nature's Valley granola bars, you get them for $2.50 each. I picked up regular Trail Mix and Cranberry Pomegranate. Grabbed muffins for lunch next week, new hair bands, and a gift card for my friend Amanda's birthday last weekend. No wonder I got today off. They were dead, too. Even the line went fast.

Heard from the dentist's office while I was there. They called early this morning to tell me their hygienist got sick and they had to cancel. Once again, I won't be able to get a cleaning for months, this time not until early December.

Went home after that to contact Jessa. Heard from her minutes after I texted her. She did take my phone off her line, but told me I'd have to contact Jodie about the death certificate on Facebook. 

Finally heard from Vanessa via e-mail, too. They're just about ready to send my information in, but she said she needed the dates for when I began Stockton and graduated. I sent them to her right after talking to Jess; she was pleased I got them back so quickly.

Spent the rest of the afternoon watching On the Riviera. I go further into another Danny Kaye vehicle that has him playing two roles at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Finished up Wedding Blank after the movie ended. Jack offers to take Brett and their son Adam to dinner. Brett's not sure that's a good idea, with their divorce and all. She takes off to join the others for a drink, with him watching and wishing things could be different before going to the men's dressing room to call his bookie.

Not bad, though kind of meandering. This is intended to be part of a series of short stories revolving around various Match Game members at different times during the various shows. Next up, I'll skip ahead a bit to directly after syndicated episode 481 from 1981. After Gene Rayburn shows up wearing an old man wig and calling himself Mr. Perriwinkle, he mentions the wig was for his role as Scrooge in a local Christmas Carol. Bill Cullen apparently played his Bob Cratchit. 

It's mentioned in their biographies that Gene wanted to do more acting and was frustrated that he didn't have the opportunity...while Bill never really liked acting and was happiest chatting with contestants. In Acting Blank, they discuss their differing philosophies on acting, why Gene loves diving into characters and Bill prefers just being himself. 

At any rate, here's Wedding Blank, for your enjoyment!

Had dinner while watching the tail end of Let's Make a Deal. Got in just in time for a couple dressed as contractors and an especially pretty Wonder Woman joined Monty for the Big Deal of the Day. The lady half of the contractors couldn't have been more delighted with her fur jacket. Wonder Woman got the Big Deal - a recliner, a TV, and a trip to Paris. (That Paris trip sounded awesome, and I hope she had a wonderful time.)

Went straight into Match Game '77 during dessert. Charles returns for the second episode, joining comedian Tom Smothers and soap star Meg Bennett. Gene's delighted to give her a kiss in welcome! The others have a harder time with "Liver __" in the Audience Match. 

Mom called during the second show. In good news, baby Aurora is doing better. She'll be in the hospital until next week, but she should be able to come home after that. Mom's more worried about how Keefe and Julia's frisky, adoring dogs will handle a baby, especially one who needs special care. 

Things aren't going as well for my other siblings. My oldest nephew Skylar was in a horrible bike accident. He so badly mangled his foot, he needed several operations and will take a year or more to recover. Anny's more concerned with her 13-year-old son Collyn being kicked out of school and going into rehab. If he doesn't shape up, he's going to end up in a reformatory. And while Mom has briefly heard from Rose during Aurora's surgery, she's still not speaking to most of the family. 

Finished the night on Paramount Plus with The Love Boat. The crew go on a cruise around the Greek isles in a two-part episode during season 6. Captain Steubing offered the cruise to the graduating class of his college for their graduation ceremony. The snobbish valedictorian (Parker Stevenson) gets a major eye-opener when the aunt who helps him through college is a poor peasant (Eva Marie Saint). He tries to hide her from his fiancee (Lisa Whelchel) when he feels like a "Poor Rich Man." 

The dean (Eddie Albert) is annoyed when the young man he flunked (Leigh McCloskey) keeps trying to talk him into a make-up test. He says no, but the teacher he's engaged to (Shirley Jones) wishes "The Dean and the Flunkee" would change his mind. "Issac's Aegean Affair" with a beautiful lady (Debbie Allen) has him considering giving up the sea, while Vicki falls for a young genius (Jimmy MacNichol) and considers marriage with him in "The Captain and the Kid." 

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