Saturday, October 15, 2022

Windy Harvest

Got a fast start this morning with breakfast and more Paw Patrol. Mayor Humdinger wants free candy, but he's too old to join the trick-or-treaters. He creates a giant spider that sucks up all their candy. "The Pups Save the Trick-or-Treaters" and Mayor Humdinger too when the spider gets stuck in a huge web decoration. "The Pups Save an Out-of-Control Mini Patrol" when little Alex's turbo-powered bike gets out of hand on his way to deliver cow shampoo to Katie.

Hurried out even before the cartoon ended. After a brief stop at the book kiosk on the next block to drop off three mystery novels I didn't want, I headed down to Collingswood for the farm market. Corn is gone, but Brussels sprouts and winter greens are out. I thought I'd try smaller versions of the honeycrisp apples everyone loves but are so expensive, along with more Asian pears. Picked up an apple cider doughnut at Springdale Farm's tables. They make the best apple cider doughnuts, just sweet and spicy enough. Grabbed a chocolate banana smoothie on the way home. 

At least the weather was glorious. Sunny, very windy, and in the lower 70's. Couldn't have been nicer for early October. I had an enjoyable ride home. 

Went into writing after I arrived. Gene admits he loves biting into a juicy role. He'd love to do soap operas, maybe even a TV drama. Other than one appearance on Captain Kangaroo, Bill prefers chatting with people and throwing out quips to learning scripts.

Broke at 12 for a quick lunch and Match Game '75. Richard spent a lot of the episode showing off the new blue striped toe socks a woman gave Gene on his hands. Melinda O'Fee was just happy she actually matched for a change!

Work didn't go nearly as well. I ended up in a register the entire time. I wish I could explain things better to people. I just can't handle people. It gets too overwhelming. They start asking me things, or I'll do something wrong, and I'll get worried, and I'll say the wrong thing and do the wrong thing. And they were almost late letting me out again. We once again had no help at all. I ended up in the express register, which they can't shut down. The night manager had to come in for me.

Oh, and I forgot to mention yesterday I got my schedule. In good news, more hours, two days off. More hours also means longer hours, and very late or early hours. I just hope they let me out of the register. I'm going crazy. 

Rushed home the second I finished. Opened three outfits for the dolls I ordered on eBay. Barbara Jean gets an Our Generation Retro Chevron knit dress with a thick white attached top and a handmade yellow minidress with a pleated chest. I picked up Julie's original white lace blouse and crushed velvet jumper for Ariel for Christmas; Barbara Jean will get the purple paisley minidress.

Watched Match Game PM during dinner. Buzzr is finally getting around to running the early episodes from the first season. Clifton Davies and Lee Merriweather join in on the second episode. The unique thing is here that there's only two rounds. They expanded it to three after the panelists had to toss in way too much filler at the end. 

(Oh, and an insider source at Match Game Productions on YouTube mentioned Buzzr's running the early episodes because they finally found long-lost PM episode #12, which hasn't been seen since it's debut. It'll have its first re-run October 29th.)

Finished the night with A Fairy Tale After All on Tubi after a shower. I go further into this unique fantasy film made by several YouTubers at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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