Thursday, February 16, 2023

Angels In the Rain

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast in bed. I debated it and debated it, but finally decided to go into work. I'd only be there for four hours wearing the boot, and other than picking up a few things, had no plans for afterwards. Called for Uber; the driver arrived in 7 minutes and was a cheerful gentleman who chatted with me about my injury and his own years ago.

I'm glad I only worked four hours today. It was a literal and figurative pain in the rear. Even wearing a boot, I had to push carts. And that was with the head bagger there. She kept going in for cashiers' breaks. Good thing we weren't that busy. We were so dead, I spent nearly 40 minutes doing returns before being called up to sweep the store. We're just that short on help, especially managers. Apparently, another manager is leaving, this time because she and her family are moving to South Carolina.

I originally planned on doing my grocery shopping tomorrow, but between my foot and the continuing bad weather, I figured I might as well get it done today. Those yummy "Candy Snaps" red grapes were on sale, and so were blood oranges. Had online coupons for buy one, get one 20 oz Pepsi (went with regular Zero Sugar) and their generic bags of fruit and nut mix. Found one that had combined dried cranberries with heart-healthy walnuts, almonds, and cashews. Grabbed a bag of pre-sliced veggies for a snack. 

By the time I got out, the rain that had been predicted all week had finally arrived. I'd be calling Uber, even if my foot was in good shape. The sweet lady arrived in 6 minutes...but didn't know the area well and turned onto the highway instead, almost taking us into Camden. She said she'd get me home and wouldn't charge me. She did get turned around pretty quickly after that, and was a doll to boot. Whether she charges me or not, I left her a stellar rating and a big tip. 

(We got home right on time. It started raining harder as she drove through Mt. Ephraim, and has poured off and on for the rest of the day.)

When I got in, I ran Doc McStuffins while changing and getting organized. Doc's ballerina doll Bella becomes a "Break Dancer" when she mistimes a leap and breaks her leg. She's upset that she won't be able to dance after Doc puts her in a cast, so the others, including big fan Lambie, find ways to keep her occupied. "Bubble Monkey" makes her initial appearance when she suddenly stops blowing bubbles while Doc, her friend Alma, and Alma's little sister Emmie bat them around. Doc teaches her friends and her toys about the importance of a balanced diet when she finds out just what Alma mistook for bubble solution.

Resumed working on my crocheting project during The Emperor Jones. I go further into this intense-but-troubled 1933 vehicle for charismatic African-American tenor Paul Robeson at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Switched to writing after the movie ended. Lee leads Richard around at a whirlwind pace, barely allowing him to catch his breath or ask her out again. She finally brings him to the dressing rooms to meet Gene, his co-host. The older man greets Richard warmly and admits that the show needs "a little something." 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Continued All-Star Family Feud while I ate. This time, it's a soap opera showdown as night-time comedy-dramas Soap and Eight Is Enough go up against popular daytime serials General Hospital and All My Children. Susan Lucci may have ruled daytime, but neither her group nor the Hospital crew (including a young Richard Dean Anderson) could hold a candle to the night shows. Eight once again took home the trophies. Richard seemed especially fond of 11-year-old Adam Rich of Eight, who may have reminded him of his own sons at that age. 

Finished the night after a shower on The Roku Channel with Charlie's Angels. In the two-part second season episode "Angels On Ice," the Angels are called to investigate when two figure skating stars suddenly disappear before the Ice Capades-style revue they star in. Kelly joins as a chorus skater. Kris discovers she's not so great on the ice and becomes a figure-skating clown. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Bosley start to get even more suspicious when other workers at the arena vanish too...and it all points to a bizarre attempt to assassinate visiting Arabian oil merchants. 

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