Saturday, February 04, 2023

Baby It's Really Cold Outside!

Got a late start with breakfast and the Valentine's Day episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mickey almost forgets to make "A Surprise for Minnie" for Valentine's Day...and Donald does forget something for Daisy! They ask for help in making Valentines, then getting flowers for the girls...and getting around Pete guarding the entrance to the flower garden in Mickey Park. 

Worked on writing for a while after breakfast. After Richard finally deflects Betty's suspicion by praising her ham recipe. Allen insists he's hired, though he'll have to fly it by his boss, and reminds him that there will be a meeting for him to greet the staff that evening. Richard's more interested when Allen starts talking about how the network's reporters were trying to learn who attacked a certain fireworks warehouse in town and why...and what made the fissure in the center of the warehouse...

Broke with enough time to eat a quick lunch and call Uber. The high today was 27. Though the wind did die down quite a bit since last night and the sun was out, it remained too cold for bike riding. They driver going to work was slightly late, but nothing horrible; the one picking me up was on time. They both got me there within five minutes. 

Work was a pain in the rear. I hate ending up in the express lane. I can never keep up with the line, and I end up frustrated when things go wrong and the line's not moving. Thankfully, we had more help today, enough that there was someone to come in for me when I finished at 7.

Took Uber straight home. Ate leftovers for dinner and watched Match Game Syndicated when I arrived. There were several jokes about Richard Paul's "Show Binnis Is My Life" t shirt in the opening. Brett's so happy when the winning contestant gets her own answer to "Save __" right, she hugs her anyway! ("I want them to think I came up with it!" Brett claimed.)

Finished the night on Tubi after a YouTube Match Game marathon with The Trumpet of the Swan. I go further into this so-so animated adaptation of the E.B White children's novel at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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