Friday, February 03, 2023

Walk In the Wind

Awoke to a ringing phone. It was PNC Bank. They had one of those papers they mentioned yesterday for me to sign. When could I get down there to do it? I told them I'd be there this afternoon, then went back to sleep until quarter of 11. 

Finished with the journal in time for Match Game '75. Had breakfast as the Audience Match began. Gossip queen Rona Barrett and R&B singer Clifton Davis helped Betty White and the others with "Clara ___," while Gene joked about his suit and the champion's being identical. 

The second episode featured sweet Dorothy, a lovely woman in a pretty fall-colored zig-zag sweater who wept tears of joy every time she won. Richard and Betty helped her with "__ Fountain" in the Audience Match. One of the last questions revolved around whom Richard Dawson was marrying. Rona said Raquel Welch, but everyone else (including the contestant) said Brett or Charles. This is hilarious if you know anything about the show. Richard and Brett reportedly did not get along, and though I don't think he had any problems with Charles, Charles was gay, and Richard was very straight. 

Headed out on foot as soon as the episode ended and I was properly bundled up in my coat and new fleece-lined blue hat and gloves. The wind howled too hard today for a bike ride. Besides, I'm not really that far away from Collingswood anymore. Strolled through Newton Lake Park, admiring the ripples on the gray green waters and the bare brown branches as they waved in the gale and shivering in the 30-degree temperatures.

Stopped at PNC first. The young woman at the front desk grabbed the paper work right away. I signed it, and we chatted a little bit about my trouble job hunting and finding a place. It shouldn't take anyone twenty years to find a decent job. I wish I knew more people to ask about work, but I don't know anyone who is a writer or works in an office. No one in my family does it anymore. 

Cheered myself up with lunch at Sabrina's Cafe a few blocks down Haddon Avenue. By this point, it was past 2:30. I'd missed the worst of the lunch crowd. They seated me in a corner of the main room, near the entrance. I had Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes and peppermint hot cocoa. The hot cocoa was messy, with chocolate syrup and whipped cream spilling over, but very tasty. The pancakes dripped with whipped topping, lemon syrup, and berry compote. They were also tasty, but a little dry...and huge! Three fluffy pancakes were nearly the size of the plate. I barely finished half of them. 

Went straight home after that. I'm not in the mood for shopping right now, and I don't really need anything, anyway. Besides, it's too cold to linger. I walked again, this time passing equally well-bundled kids on their way home from various schools.

Settled down in bed for a while and tried to read the job books I took out the Haddon Township Library while listening to The Best of the Big Band Era, but I was too tired to focus. I need to stop staying up so darn late! I ended up taking a nap instead.

When I got up, I did some job hunting. I wish I knew what I could really do. How can you go from retail to a writing job or an office job? I have no idea what I have to offer anyone, besides writing, reading, editing, and organizing. I'd prefer a smaller office or place with fewer people. That's one of the things I hate about the Acme. I hate dealing with all those demanding people. I never know what to say, and I end up panicking. I can't multi-task, either, and I'm no good at switching gears. I'm either bored to death, or totally overwhelmed. Isn't there a job where I can have something in between? 

Finally did a little bit of writing around 6:30. Betty insists that she recognizes Richard from somewhere, possibly on TV. Richard blows it off, trying to deflect the fact that his "Ace" persona may have been caught on camera.

Oh, and I got my schedule at this point, too. In good news, more hours. Sunday's the only one that isn't late, though, and I still don't have that many of them. 

Broke for dinner at quarter after 7. Watched Match Game Syndicated while I ate. They've already started repeating episodes, having gone back to the first ones. The very first episode had Charles antagonizing the camerapeople, who focus anywhere but right on him. Charles makes fun of Brett's cheap jewelry in the second, even wearing her beaded necklace as a headband. (And I'd like to know how he got that off without ruffling his toupee.)

Moved to Jack Frost on Tubi after dinner. I went further into this Rankin-Bass Christmas/Groundhog's Day special about the title winter sprite wanting to become human at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog in February 2020.

Finished the night at PBS Kids with the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Valentine's Day episode. "It's Love Day!" and Daniel gives all of the kids at school and Teacher Harriet hearts to show them how much he cares. He can't figure out who gave him a special boat-themed card, though. "Daniel's Love Day Surprise" at home is hiding hearts for Grandpere to find. He's upset when his baby sister Margaret finds a heart, but Grandpere reminds him she did that because she loves him and didn't know better. He does even better helping his mother make a heart-shaped pizza. 

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