Sunday, February 12, 2023

Super Shower Bowl

Got a late start this morning. I did manage to grab breakfast and do some reading before heading out. At least this morning, it was a decent day, chilly, cloudy, and windy, but not really out of line with the time of year.

Needless to say, we were mobbed when I got in, with lines down the aisles. And that was with most of the registers and all of the self-checkout lines open. Everyone probably got off work early for the Super Bowl and to get ready for Valentine's Day parties. Thankfully, once everyone got to their parties, it cleared out. By 3 PM, we were off-and-on steady, but nothing like it was before. They even had hot roast beef and provolone sandwiches in the back for us. It was so dead by 5:30, I was able to shut down and return a few cold items with no one the wiser. 

The Super Bowl wasn't the only reason the crowds thinned by dinner time. It started raining sometime later in the afternoon. Though the rain did lessen as I hurried home, it never quite stopped. I rushed inside damp, traded my lunch bag for the bag with the cookies and Valentine's cards and gifts for Rose's family, and rushed out. 

There were a lot more people at Rose's little party than I figured on. In addition to her husband Craig, his parents, and their kids Finley and Khai, Craig's brother, his girlfriend, and their four-month-old son were down from Maine. The baby boy was so little and cute! He's very alert for his age and spent most of the night looking around at everyone curiously. 

Rose had a huge spread out. I saw a vegetable tray and a fruit tray. Finley and I shared shrimp, and Mr. and Mrs. Wurster brought a huge tray of hot dogs wrapped in pretzels. Rose made popcorn with white and green candy coating, and there were bowls of potato chips and tortilla chips. Craig, who works at a fancy Italian restaurant in Haddon Heights, cooked up barbecue ribs and lasagna noodles with cheese for dinner. 

We had dessert during halftime. As R&B star Rhianna performed her greatest hits in flaming red on a floating platform, Rose brought Craig a chocolate fudge cherry cake from Desserts by Design. His birthday was last month, but apparently they hadn't gotten to the cake until now. His late birthday present was a box of chocolate-covered cherries the size of your average bedroom. That cake was very tasty - and very thick and fudgy! My strawberry-white chocolate chip cookies joined brownies and Rice Krispie Treats made in the shape of footballs. 

I spent most of the time on the couch, with Oreo the black and white mixed retriever cuddled up next to me. Apparently, he likes cuddling. He certainly kept me company. The game ended up being really, really good. The Eagles would get a touchdown, and the Chiefs would run right back and get another one. The Eagles were up 21-14 at halftime after I finally left.

I took a quick shower when I got in, then hurried upstairs to watch the Match Game Classics marathon (married couples were the theme tonight) and finish the game. It remained a nail-biter, with the two tied 38-35 by the last 5 minutes. Alas, the Chiefs kicked one last field goal to push them ahead and win 38-35.

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