Friday, February 10, 2023

Spring Into Winter

Started off my day with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. Lola says "I Just Love My Shiny Red Shoes," but they're too small for her. She tries on every pair at the store, but won't wear anything but her old ones. She's not happy when her father picks out a pair of brown t-straps with buckles...until she realizes that the jingling buckles sound an awful lot like ponies.

Poked around Indeed and LinkedIn for a while, then did some writing. Allen absently tells Jo Ann to show Richard around the station and to Gene's dressing room to talk to him. Jo Ann will show him around, but she's too busy to do much else...or field Richard's attempts at asking her out. 

Broke for lunch at 2. Watched A Charlie Brown Valentine while I ate. The second Peanuts Valentine's Day special is basically a series of skits surrounding Chuck's attempts to tell the Little Red Haired Girl he likes her. He wants to ask her to a school dance, but accidentally ends up going with Marcie and Peppermint Patty instead. Meanwhile, Sally's making valentines for her (very reluctant) "Sweet Baboo," while Lucy sits on Schroeder's piano and waits (and waits) for him to give her a valentine. 

I headed out into a world that was way too warm for February, in the 60's. At least it was also sunny and breezy, with barely a cloud in the sky. Despite the gorgeous temperatures, we were off-and-on busy. There's a lot going on for the next two weeks, including the Super Bowl on Sunday, Valentine's Day Tuesday, and President's Day next weekend. We're also still lacking help, and people are still having trouble with government cards. Thank goodness I got out after four hours.

My schedule next week is slightly better than it has been the past few weeks. I'm not thrilled about an 8 hour day on Wednesday, but I also have three bagging days in a row. two of them early. I'm also off on 5:30 on Sunday. I'll have plenty of time to head to Rose's house for the Super Bowl after work. Monday, Friday, and next Saturday off.

Went straight home after work. Changed, then watched Match Game Syndicated while I ate dinner. Richard Paul wonders about the saying on his t-shirt "Sho Binnis Is My Life" when he has trouble with "Kevin ___" on the Head-to-Head. Meanwhile, Joyce Bulifant is on fire for once, matching almost every time. (And for some reason, she draws on the soles of Charles' shoes at one point.)

Finished the night after a shower at Shout Factory TV with Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mike and the robots learn the hard way that The Wild World of Batwoman is nothing of the kind. I love the idea of Batwoman's (Katherine Victor) retinue being all female, but the story that has them protecting the "Atomic Hearing Aid" and rescuing one of their own is slow as molasses in January and even more boring. It's mainly the girls wriggling in time to rock music or chasing around "Rat Fink," a mysterious figure in a Shadow hat, cape, and mask. Cheap, campy claptrap of the silliest and most boring sort. Even Mike and the robots found the equally dull short "Cheating," on the dire consequences for a young man when he cheats on his tests, more interesting.

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