Thursday, February 09, 2023

Sweets for the Sweet

Started off the morning with breakfast and Doc McStuffins. Lambie's looking forward to "My Huggy Valentine" and spending the day with Doc. She's upset when Doc gets a stuffed heart doll from her parents that she seems to like more, but Doc reminds her that friends always have a special place in our hearts. As a teddy bear collector with allergies, I really appreciate "Dusty Bear." Donnie's bear Teddy B thinks he doesn't want him anymore. Doc insists her brother's sneezing is from allergies and puts Teddy in the washing machine to clean off the dust.

Switched to Match Game '75 as I cleaned up from breakfast and made my grocery list. The first episode had Gene kissing "new kid on the block" character actress Pat Crowley while Gary Burghoff, Joyce Bulifant, and the others try to figure out what Dr. Welby does nights. Richard gives that sobbing lady tissues in the second, then helps the new champ with "__ Beater" in the Head-to-Head.

Headed out soon as the episode ended. To my surprise, it was neither cold, nor rainy like it was supposed to be today. In fact, we were cloudy and way too warm for this time of year, into the upper 50's. I dodged a lot of folks out for strolls in Newton Lake Park on my way to the Westmont Acme, passing by the bare black branches and dry yellowing grass.

They weren't terribly busy when I arrived. The lines weren't really that bad. Good thing, because I wanted to beat the crowds and get ready for Valentine's Day. If you bought three cards, you got a box of Russell Stover chocolates. I picked up Valentine's Day cards for Mom and Rose and her family, a get-well soon card for my friend Amanda who is off work with a dislocated knee, and a birthday card and gift card for Jessa (her birthday is Sunday). Had an onlne coupon for Fiber One granola bars; since they were a part of the Nature's Valley sale, I bought more of those, too. Also had online coupons for Oikos Pro yogurt and Pillsbury cake mix. Ghradelli's chocolate chips were on a decent sale, too. They only had the Cotton Candy grapes, but I figured I might as well try those. 

Also tried the new Starry Pepsi lemon-lime soda, their replacement for Sierra Mist. It was...just ok. Sweeter than Sprite and less crisp, maybe a little too sweet for me. I've only seen the Zero Sugar in 12-packs. I'll keep looking around.

Went straight home and upstairs to get the cards that needed to be sent out together...before realizing I forgot Valentine's cards for Keefe and his family and Anny and hers. Besides, it was too nice of a day to sit inside. I strolled to Dollar General for two more cards, then went a block down the White Horse Pike to the Post Office to send them out. 

Had lunch when I got home while watching Winnie the Pooh Valentine's Day specials. A Valentine for You is the only Pooh holiday special that was never combined with new material on DVD. (It's even that way on Disney Plus.) Owl convinces the Hundred Acres Woods crew when they see Christopher Robin making a valentine for a girl that he's been bitten by the "Smitten" bug, and that the only way to restore him is to find another bug to bite him. Even after chasing the bug, Pooh finally realizes that Christopher's happy the way he is...and as Doc did with Lambie, Christopher reminds Pooh that real friends never leave your heart.

"Un-Valentine's Day" is an episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. In the first of several instances where a holiday is canceled in the Hundred Acre Woods, Rabbit insists they won't do Valentine's Day this year to stem the flood of valentines they received the year before. That doesn't last very long when Pooh finds a pot of honey at his front door. Soon, cakes and hearts are flying everywhere, Pooh's dressed as a mail box, and Rabbit's putting on a romantic play for Christopher Robin that goes comically wrong. But who did give Pooh the original pot of honey?

Hit the kitchen after lunch to try a very simple recipe I found on Pinterest. Strawberry-White Chocolate Chip Cookies are what they say on the tin - strawberry cake mix, cooking oil, eggs, and white chocolate chips. The cookies came together fine, but I let the first batch go too long and some of them burned on the bottoms. I kept the really burnt ones for me, gave the slightly browned ones to the daughter of a friend for Valentine's Day, and will give the rest to Rose as a combined Super Bowl/Valentine's Day gift. 

Went upstairs to look up jobs and do some writing. Richard tries to flirt with Jo Ann, even as he insists that the Ace is a myth. She's not buying either the myth thing or his hitting on her. Allen reminds her that she needs to get all this on the air.

It was past 7:30 when I finally broke for dinner. Watched Match Game Syndicated while I ate. Richard Paul turned up in a fireman's hat, while Gene gives Judy Landers her "new kid on the block" smooch. The contestants don't do nearly as well with a question about what goose thing Weird Willy puts in his quilt besides goose down.

Finished the night with House Party 2 on Amazon Prime. I go further into the second movie in this wacky rap series at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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