Thursday, February 23, 2023

Dolls on a Warm Winter's Day

Slept in, then worked on my journal for a while. Got going in time for the second half of Match Game '75. Patty Duke was rather embarrassed when she missed "Sign Language" for "Sign __" in the opening Audience Match. Brett's more interested in a handsome, broad-shouldered Texan whose town has an interesting 4th of July tradition. 

Called Uber shortly after the episode ended. It was just too nice to sit inside today, sunny and breezy and in the mid-60's. Ankle or no ankle, I did need a few things at Target. Took Uber there and back. Took about 7 minutes for the man to arrive this time. We did run into some road repair on Cuthbert, but thankfully, it blocked the traffic going towards Oaklyn. 

Didn't really need that much at Target, but they have a few drug items cheaper than the Acme. They're always out of the OGX curl formula I like, and when they do have it, it's a ridiculous price. Theirs is at least slightly cheaper. Grabbed Crest's Gum Therapy toothpaste for cheaper, too. Wanted to pick up granola bars and a bag of sliced vegetables, but their selection of the former is not great. I'll get them tomorrow. (Forgot something else I needed, which was tissues.)

Managed to make it into the Bagel Shop an hour before closing for lunch. Enjoyed an omelet with tomatoes and tons of stringy mozzarella and topped with sliced avocado, along with a toasted whole wheat bagel. Didn't have room for all of the slightly dry roasted potatoes, though. Had the tasty "diet half and half" iced tea from a bottler in North Jersey. I enjoyed a nice, quiet lunch. The only people who were there were a couple with their toddler, whom they distracted with what sounded like cartoons or online games.

When I got home, I went through the dolls' things and pulled out a few outfits to give to the daughter of a friend who has an AG-sized dolls and organized them, then dressed the dolls for March. Josefina wears her Harvest Outfit with the flowered embroidery and the yellow-green skirt. Whitney's in a flowered Queen's Treasures dress and the matching headband with her own petticoat underneath for more flair. I found Molly's shamrock-print dress with the rickrack trim at a yard sale years ago, which she wears with her white t-straps. Finally got Molly's underwear - her comfy-looking camisole and slip - on eBay to wear under it. 

I'm so glad I bought Samantha's Special Day Dress when it went on sale around 2015 - it's fairly hard to find now. I'm especially fond of the red shoes with the bows that goes with this outfit. Felicity gets what was her friend Elizabeth's Summer Gown. The pale celery color and quilted petticoat really makes it more appropriate for spring than summer. Jessa wears an emerald green wrap top I found at a booth in Deptford in 2009, the tight jeans from the 1996 Blue Jeans Basics set, yellow socks, and the loafers from her Girl Scouts set. Ariel gets Julie's original meet outfit with the multi-colored turtleneck, blue striped jeans, and peasant blouse worn with the boots Whitney came in. 

Found a really awesome Our Generation Retro outfit on eBay that's perfect for Barbara Jean. She's "Feelin' Groovy" in a totally mod orange, tan, and turquoise minidress, white fur vest, hot pink rectangular sunglasses, and white vinyl go-go boots. Most of the 18-inch outfits out now were made for dolls with cloth bodies, not Barbara Jean's slender hard plastic one, so the dress is too big for her. I added a leather-like belt that was still too big, but at least helped somewhat. 

The white fur vest is too short, as she's taller than the AG dolls, but it's not a deal-breaker. The boots being too big worked to her advantage, as her feet are a different shape than the AG and Our Generation dolls. She can't fit into most of their shoes, but these went on just fine. I even found a brown elastic headband with a yellow flower that matched perfectly. 

It was nearly 6 before I finally got to writing. Marcia Wallace is in charge of the Newhart Inn Boarding House. Richard tries to charm her, but she already has a room for him. Bill Daily told her what happened earlier. 

Broke for dinner at 7:30. Ate while watching Match Game Syndicated. Buzzr skips quite a few episodes, finally landing on the end of the next week with Loretta Swit, Dick Martin, Nancy Lane, and in his last appearance on the show until The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, Nipsey Russell. Charles is just nervous to help the contestant with "Milk and __" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night with Graffiti Bridge at YouTube. I go further into Prince's last vehicle for himself, a semi-sequel to Purple Rain, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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