Sunday, June 18, 2023

Dads and Matches

Started out the morning with breakfast and something a little different. I still have a pile of CDs and records I haven't listened to, so I thought I'd finally get to some of those. Began with the first disc of Remembering the 60's, a Reader's Digest set of songs we'd now call "easy listening." It begins strong with an iconic number from Bobby Darin, "Beyond the Sea." Other favorites here include "The Way You Look Tonight" and "When I Fall In Love" by the Lettermen, "Cupid" by Sam Cooke, Pat Boone singing "The Theme from Exodus," Neil Sedaka's jaunty "Calender Girl," and "Lollipops and Roses" by Jack Jones. We also get two classic instrumentals, the gorgeous "Stranger On the Shore" by Mr. Acker Bilk and the theme song from the original 60's Match Game, "A Swinging Safari" by Billy Vaughn. 

Had enough time for Classic Soul after that. This is a much shorter collection of lesser-known doo wop and soul numbers from the 50's and 60's, put out by MCA. The big ones here are "Me and Mrs. Jones" by the Dramatics, "Oh What a Night" by the Dells, and "Have You Seen Her?" by the Chi-Lights. 

Worked on writing while the CDs ran. Joyce follows her new canine friend right into the lounge room, where the food is. Ira Skutch isn't more than a little surprised when the dog tries to snitch sausages off his lap! Joyce snaps him up just a little too late. Ira's not happy about the dog trying to get onto his lap. He has nothing against him, but he thinks he should go to the pound. Joyce is protesting as Brett arrives.

Dashed off after a very quick lunch. Work started out busy, but once everyone went to their Father's Day barbecues and Juneteenth picnics, it slowed down a bit. It would be off and on for the rest of the night. We did sometimes get long lines later due to a lack of help. Thankfully, it did slow down enough for me to shut down without a relief.

Went straight home and into the shower. Finished the night with dinner and this year's Match Game Father's Day Marathon on YouTube. The marathon kicked off in 1974 with Orson Bean joking about being Gary Burghoff's second, as his wife was about to give birth and he may need to be there. (He didn't.) It ended with one of my favorite episodes of 1978. Gene brings in two adorable toddlers who turn out to be Patti Deustch's handsome little son Max Ross and Gary's darling daughter Gina. 

Richard showed off his young son Gary in two episodes, bringing him up for his birthday in one show and telling everyone about his son dancing with a hula girl during a trip to Hawaii in another. McLean Stevenson brought two children up onstage to help the panel out and get sweaters in 1982. They were way too big for them, but they didn't seem to care. His own daughter Jennifer came to visit towards the end of an episode in '78. Michael Landon, Pa Ingalls himself, appeared on the first week in 1973, but he was frankly too sweet for this wild show. 

Dads turned up on Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, too. Michael Lembeck brought his own son for their Father's Day episode in 1984. Ted Knight anchored their Too Close For Comfort week, with his daughter Elyse joining the cast and Arsenio Hall. Christopher Rich may have been a star on Another World, but he and his then-wife Nancy Frangione were hilarious together. 

Bring your father along to match with some of the best dads to ever play the game!

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