Friday, June 23, 2023

It's a Mystery to Me

Began a gloomy, humid morning with breakfast and The New Scooby Doo Mysteries. These episodes from 1984 stick with Daphne, Shaggy, and the dogs, but have them solving actual cases. The first episode, "Scooby's Peep-Hole Pandemonium," has them assigned to photograph reclusive horror legend Norma Deathman. She hasn't been seen since 1933, and she always wears a veil. The crew disguise themselves as caterers to get the shot. While they do run across a man in a mask, Norma herself isn't what she seems, either. They encounter "The Hand of Horror" at an old mansion being used as a test site for a robotic hand. Someone's manipulating the hand to scare off the creators. For once, Scrappy turns out to be the most useful when he's the one who figures out what's going on first.

Worked on writing for a while after I ate. Charles turns up in the hall, having heard Ira's protests about his lunch. He sensibly points out that the dog will need a bath if he's going to stay, and real food that isn't their producer's lunch, and a flea collar. Joyce admires his intelligence, but he says he has a dog, and this is just common sense.

(And...I think I'm going to start this over tomorrow. I want to get to Oz sooner. This is starting to bore me. I think I'll begin with Joyce in the shed being thrown around and her admitting how much the characters in Oz look like her friends, instead of all the talking in the studio.)

Broke for lunch and Match Game '77. Bob Barker joins in here, and he and Gene discuss Match Game moving to after The Price Is Right. (Which...didn't work out at all, from what I've heard. The audience was mainly kids who watched after school.) Eva Gabor was on a roll in this episode. She got one answer, even though she couldn't spell it, and another the upper tier missed. Joyce Bulifant also did unusually well. 

It wasn't raining at 12:30, but it was still humid, cool, and very damp. I didn't want to take chances after riding home in the rain the other day. I called Uber. At least they were prompt. The man picking me up took five minutes, and got me there in a little over five minutes, due to taking a longer way. 

I arrived early enough to get my schedule before I started. Not too bad. Pretty similar to this week, actually, with earlier hours Sunday and Thursday. Monday and Friday off, the former for getting my tooth pulled. I work late enough on Saturday for me to hit the farm market. 

Work was, as it has been all week, a pain in the rear. People who now have kids stuck inside for the weekends and parties and barbecues that had to be moved or curtailed were buying huge orders. We had long lines and not enough help, and I just got frustrated and overwhelmed. 

My last customer tried to get me to use her Rewards program number for the woman in front of her. First of all, those are private. They're for the person who uses them and their family only and are tailored to them.  Second, the older woman said she wasn't interested. Third, I was literally finishing as the lady came in. I turned off my light for a reason. All her fussing and my trying to explain things to her almost made me late getting out. 

It apparently rained heavily in the afternoon, but by 7. the rain had taken at temporary leave of absence. No wonder I got an Uber driver in less than three minutes. There was no traffic, and we arrived in less than five.

Went straight upstairs and into dinner when I got home. Watched Match Game '79 as I ate. We open with Fannie Flagg showing off Gene's red striped tie that went quite nicely with her scarlet sweater. As Brett pointed out, it probably looked better on Fannie. Everyone else did their best with "__ Plugs" in the Audience Match. 

Finished the night at YouTube with another game show marathon chat. The Game Show Channel has been doing "Mystery 7" marathons every night, a random selection of shows from his private collection. I arrived in time to see Tom Poston flub the bonus round on Super Password rather badly. We also got a funny What's My Line from 1973 with comedian Pat Cooper as the Mystery Guest, a classic episode of Match Game '74 with Brett Somers showing off her Atlantic City t-shirt that Fannie supposedly got from Paris, a Richard Dawson-hosted Family Feud from 1980 with them celebrating their 1,000th show, and an episode of Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour.

What will you see next? It's a mystery to me! Come figure out what the next show will be in this very funny marathon!

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