Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Out and About In the Rain

Started a cloudy, damp morning with breakfast and Minnie's Bow-Toons. These super-short cartoons were originally a spin-off from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and continue to run on Disney Junior today, with newer seasons being retooled to reflect the current Mickey-based kids' show. Millie and Melody, Minnie's mischievous twin nieces from the comics, made their animated debut in "Trouble Times Two." Their goofing off seemingly gets in the way of Minnie helping a snooty star poodle, until the girls come up with a dress design she loves. "The Pom Pom Problem" may keep cheerleader Roxy out of the big parade, until Minnie comes up with a way to solve her problem and use ribbon Figaro unraveled. Clarabelle Cow thinks she needs "Dance Lessons" to keep up with Goofy at the winter ball, but the ladies think it's her too-long dress that needs fixing. 

Rushed off to my physical therapy appointment at quarter of 11. Alas, even going fast, I got there five minutes late. Frankly, my ankle hasn't hurt in weeks, even at work. I worked on balance, standing on my toes, and moving my ankle up and down. I think I can take it from here and work on any other exercises at home. I considered one more appointment, but finally decided that since my ankle felt fine, it wasn't really necessary. I'm glad I did do the therapy, though. They were all good to me there, and I enjoyed my appointments.

One of the therapists pointed out towards the end of my appointment that it was raining. I was glad I remembered to wear my raincoat and bring a waterproof bag to carry my purse in. Thankfully, the light showers vanished all together as I headed back down McArthur Boulevard to the Westmont Plaza for lunch.

Despite it being past noon when I arrived, the Westmont Bagel Shop wasn't busy at all. By the time it picked up, I was already enjoying my egg white omelet with vegetables and provolone cheese, toasted rainbow bagel, hash browns, and diet iced tea. I giggled at a family bouncing the cutest little baby around as I finished my lunch.

I headed out the door...just as the showers increased. Didn't help that the kids got out of school early today, and I ended up dodging traffic on Cuthbert going past the Haddon Township High School. I was quite damp when I made it into Collingswood.

Kresloff Eye Associates moved a few months after my appointment last year a few blocks down to their own building on Haddon Avenue. Fortunately, I knew the building well. It originally housed the offices for my gynecologist before they moved to Pennsauken. The inside had been totally transformed, though. It looked more like Collingswood Family Medicine's updated waiting room, with gray wood floors and walls and 60's-style vinyl chairs. I actually arrived 20 minutes early. They just ended up taking me early after I signed the paperwork.

I was there for a routine eye exam, nothing major. Turns out my eyes are as fine as they're going to get. No change from last year. In fact, bubbly Dr. Anna says they should improve. My prescription hasn't changed, either. I still wear very thick lenses, but at least they aren't any thicker.

The rain was gone again when I got out, but it remained windy, dark, and humid. This was no day for lingering anywhere. I made my way across Haddon Avenue, then through Collingswood and past Newton Lake Park, dodging people taking advantage of the lack of rain to take their kids to the park or walk their dogs.

When I got home, I went straight upstairs and into bed. I had no other plans for the day, and I was just too tired to do anything else. Napped for an hour and a half, until Karen called and said she wanted to switch our session tomorrow to a slightly later time. That was fine. I don't work tomorrow until 3.

Worked on writing for a while after that. Joyce tries to hide the dog, but Brett finds it on her makeup chair. She has no trouble with it, but she's not about to give it a home, either. She's not a fan of pets. When the dog gets loose and into the hall, they go after it...only to be confronted with the producer of the show...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Buzzr's Match Game '74 run is up to the wild week with Adrienne Barbeau and Robert Morse. A male contestant keeps going after all the female panelists during the Audience Match, while a far more subdued woman contestant gives Gene a stuffed bear in a cage. Gene, Charles, and Richard are happier to make jokes about Fannie Flagg's t-shirt with roses in strategic places. 

There was a major storm just as I lay down for my nap, with thunder, massive downpours, and lashing wind. It had long blown itself out by 7 PM. In fact, it had turned into an absolutely stunning day, the nicest we've had in weeks. Blue skies, sunshine, no haze, cool wind. In fact, it was downright chilly as I strolled across the White Horse Pike to the other side of Oaklyn. The digital sign at the Fire Hall said it was only 67.

Thought of getting a cinnamon bun or cake pop at Common Grounds Coffee House, but they close at 7. Ended up with home-made party cake ice cream from Yummies Palace, the current iteration of Oaklyn's summer ice cream booth. Perhaps due to the cool weather or it being the middle of the week, there was no one there and no line. The ice cream was good, creamy and smooth, with lots of sprinkles...but it also wasn't worth four dollars for two scoops in a Styrofoam cup. I'll save them for special occasions.

Took a shower, then finished the night online at The Roku Channel. They now have the 80's British action fantasy show Robin of Sherwood. Relived some fond memories with the first episode, "Robin Hood and the Sorcerer." Robin of Locksley (Michael Praead) is taken in by the miller and his family after his father is killed and his home destroyed. Years later, he and the miller's son Much (Peter Llewellyn Williams) end up in jail for poaching the king's deer. They break out other men jailed for minor offenses, then rescue others from a sorcerer (Anthony Valentine) who practices the black arts. He also falls for lovely Maid Marian (Judi Trott), who is about to enter a nunnery.

Oh wow, my sisters and I loved this when it ran on Showtime during the mid-80's. I suspect it may have contributed to my interest in swashbucklers and Robin Hood stories and Rose's fondness for sword and sorcery fantasy. Other than some extremely obvious 80's hairstyles (including Marian's perm and Robin's long mullet), this still holds up pretty well today. I especially love the location shooting all around the real English woods and existing medieval castles, and that it includes a black warrior from overseas like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. This was intended to be a far darker and grittier retelling of Robin's stories than usual, so there's quite a bit of violence and discussions of death, murder, and loss. If you're looking for a darker, more magical take on the Robin legends, this one is still worth storming the castle for.

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