Thursday, June 29, 2023

Hazy Shade of Summer

Started off the morning with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. "I am Goody the Good" says Lola when she tries to be helpful like the heroine of her favorite book. Charlie's just about fed up with it, especially after she ruins his school project by washing it. She has to think like Lola to help him fix his project on time.

Headed out for work shortly after the cartoon ended. We were off-and-on steady for most of the afternoon. It didn't really get that busy until the evening rush hour. Then I got hit with annoying people and fussy older ladies who take forever to bag and won't let you help, even when there's a line. In fact, I closed my line, then reopened it briefly because the one register left open had a line. I still got out on time, thankfully.

Despite the haze and acrid, smoky smell coming from Canada, I decided to take the long way home from work. It was still sunny under the haze, a little warm but not like it's supposed to be this weekend. Needless to say, at quarter of 6, Nicholson Road was busy with commuters coming home from work and heading to dinner. Dodged the cars, which as usual, vanished once I got into Oaklyn. 

Changed and worked on my story when I got home. Re-wrote it to begin with Betty bringing Brett food to their dressing room. I think I might re-write it again and have Brett actually come to lunch, so the others can help comfort her.

Broke for dinner at 7. Watched Match Game '79 while I ate. The first episode ended with Charles being so angry about the Star Wheel not landing on him, he yanks his name off the Wheel and attempts to yank off the star. Someone brings cookies in the opening that everyone enjoys. The second begins with Gary Burghoff doing "Bless Your __" on the Head-to-Head and ends with everyone throwing out many brands of chocolate for "__ Candy Bar."

Finished the night on YouTube with Dames at Sea. I go further into this TV spoof of backstage movies of the 1930's at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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