Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Are You Ready for the Summer?

Began the morning with breakfast and Dearest Enemy. I go further into this 1955 TV adaptation of Rodgers and Hart's first book musical, an American Revolution-set romance, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Dusted after I ate while the movie was still on. I don't know why my bedroom gets so dusty! I guess it's because the one window is back there. I dusted two weeks ago, and it's dusty again. Wiped down all the electronics screens and the window, too. 

Had a quick lunch, then messed around online until it was time to get ready for work. At 12:30, it was sunny, humid, and hot. After getting soaked riding home in a storm on Sunday, however, I wasn't taking chances. I called Uber and got a ride in four minutes.

Work could have been a lot worse, especially on Senior Discount Day. The lines did get long a few times, mainly because it was just me and the express lane opened the whole night, and one older woman did complain. The arrival of the thunderstorm that had been building all day meant the end of our customers. It died so quickly and so hard, I spent the last hour putting away loose items. Also had to clean up a coffee spill. 

Though the thunder had vanished by 7 PM, the heavy showers remained. I had a much harder time getting a ride home. When I did get him, he arrived in 8 minutes, not bad for someone running around in bad weather. 

Went straight into dinner and Match Game '79 when I got home. The episode began with CHiPs actress Brianne Leary doing a perfect cartwheel, to the delight of panelists and audience members alike. We also get Jon "Bowser" Bauman fixing his incredibly greased hair and Bob Barker wondering about his life choices when he matches Joyce Bulifant in a question.

Finished the night online with the original Meatballs on Flex. Canadian summer camp Camp Mohawk has it's wildest summer on record in 1979, with counselors-in-training chasing each other and head counselor Tripper Harrison (Bill Murray) chasing female counselor Roxanne (Kate Lynch). His friendship with shy camper Rudy Gerner (Chris Makepeace) and their early morning bonding runs come in handy when Rudy is the only one who can run in the grueling marathon race against snobbish rivals Camp Mohawk.

Murray and Makepeace pretty much run away with the film as the wacky counselor who lives to break rules and his gentle protege. They had so much chemistry, more scenes were added with them, pulling the focus from the randy CITs. While they do have some funny sequences (like how the girls snitch Fink's pants or the basketball game against Camp Mohawk), it's nothing you haven't seen in dozens of other movies on summer camp. Highly recommended for fans of Murray, summer camp comedies, or randy "slobs vs snobs" comedies from the 70's and 80's. 

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