Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Tooth and Troubles

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast before hurrying off to my dentist's appointment. It could have been worse. I got across Cuthbert quickly, and the weather was gorgeous. It's a little hazy, but still mostly sunny, breezy, and warm but not hot or humid. I arrived at the dentist's office in Westmont just in time...before the receptionist told me they just put all their paperwork online. I had to redo my paperwork, despite having used them for years.

My cleaning went fine. I went in. The lady scraped and polished my teeth. I went out with a bag of a toothbrush, a little container of toothpaste, and floss. Nothing hurt worse than her moving my lips so she could do my lower teeth. The x-rays took less than a minute, too.

And then I talked to the doctor. It seems the molar on my left side that they did a root canal on two years ago is still cracked and still not healing. Despite the fact that it doesn't hurt at all, they're going to have to remove it. I'm dreading that after the last one they removed hurt like heck, but at least I'll have time to get ready for it. I'll be getting the tooth out the last week of June and my regular cleaning in early September.

Still didn't have much luck finding a bike basket at Target, either. I went into the tiny Target a few doors down from the dental office, but found nothing besides helmets and some accessories. Ended up getting a Diet Canada Dry and a reusable bag I could carry in my purse. (The cloth bag I carry in my purse has many holes in it from hauling records with pointy sides, and I've had it for a while now anyway.)

Went home and into lunch and writing. Joyce does manage to sneak the dog past the security guards and into the dressing room she shares with Brett. As she sets up a little nest for him on the floor among old towels, she hopes Brett isn't too drunk for her to ask advice on what to do about him.

Headed off to work around 2:35. Wanted to pick up a container of clearance cookies beforehand, but I had to put them back until I could get them later. I wish I hadn't gone into work at all. It was a pain in the rear. It's the beginning of the month and the day we have a 5 percent senior discount. Between that, we had long and cranky lines all afternoon, even when we did have enough help. Thank heavens it slowed down enough by 7 for me to hurry out with no relief and no need for one.

Had dinner upstairs while watching Match Game Syndicated. Comedian Alfie Wise made his first appearance on the show this week. He proved to be quite adept at the game, matching almost every question. Brett was less happy about wearing dark glasses to hide a black eye and stitches from a roller skating accident. 

Finished the night on Kanopy with Oz: A Rock and Roll Road Movie. I go further into this strange modern Australian Wizard of Oz at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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