Wednesday, June 07, 2023

What's Right for Me?

Started off a quick morning with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. Lola's frustrated when Charlie and Marv are learning Spanish and she can't understand what they're saying, so she creates her own language and country with her imaginary friend Soren Lorenson. The boys try to figure out how to say "Welcome to Lola Land" and get back the globe they need for their homework.

Karen picked me up shortly after the episode ended. Frankly, our session didn't go very well. There's no library assistant jobs out there in this area. The few that exist are temporary jobs at the universities in Philadelphia or schools in the Philly suburbs. I need something permanent, and until I figure out where I want to live, closer to home. I'm so frustrated. Nothing's happening. Again. I'm so stuck. I'm tired of living like a college student, with a job teenagers do. I want a real, honest-to-goodness career. I say I'm going back to school, and they say get experience...and then I try to get experience, and they all want more skills than I have, or specialized skills, or my skills are worthless. 

There has to be another job I can do that involves writing, organizing, reading, and/or editing. I wish I knew what. Every time I get an idea or come up with something, I'm told the job is too competitive, I don't have enough skills, enough training, enough of this, enough of that. What am I good enough for? I can't stay in retail, but I don't know what else I'm good for.

I was miserable when I got home. I tried to cheer myself up with writing. Joyce sets up a little nest for her friend in old towels before Brett arrives. It takes Joyce a few minutes and one of her rambling stories, but she does finally admit to Brett about the dog. Brett doesn't think it's a good idea to have him there, but she says she'll ask around and find someone who can take him.

Watched Match Game '77 during lunch, then went to work. I wish I hadn't. It was off-and-on steady, with several large orders and many cranky people. Three people put back part or all of their orders, one because she was shocked at how much her order cost. She must have not read the signs. If you read the signs, you know what things cost. They're in the midst of repaving the half of our parking lot closer to Nicholson Road, which may be blocking some people. We're still really short on help, too. There were only two cashiers all night. They had to call the producer manager to take my line so I could get out on time.

Rode to and from work in a haze of smoke and dust. At least it was cooler, barely in the 70's, and the haze did make the sunset very pretty. The sun glowed in a shade of fiery gold-red I'd never seen reproduced anywhere before. 

Went straight home and into dinner and Match Game '74. This episode began with proud dad Richard Dawson showing off photos of his son Gary dancing with a hula girl during their vacation in Hawaii. The others try their best with "Beat the __" on the Audience Match. Alfie Wise continues to do very well on Match Game Syndicated, but it's Charles who really stands out here. He's "ready for his bow" when he thinks his answer to "__ Shoulders" will be on top in the Audience Match. In the second episode, his sobbing answer to a cheerleading question brings (semi) praise even from Oscar-winner Patty Duke.

It took me a while to decide on something, but I finally finished the night on YouTube with Shirley Temple Storybook Theater. Since I'm in the midst of reading The Marvelous Land of Oz, the first sequel to The Wizard of Oz, I thought I'd do her version "The Land of Oz." Temple herself is Ozma and Tip here, traveling to the Emerald City with Jack Pumpkinhead (Sterling Holloway) on the Sawhorse (Mel Blanc) to stop the witch Mombi (Agnes Moorehead) and Dr. Nidick (Jonathan Winters) from taking over Oz.

One of the more intriguing existing Storybook Theater episodes. On one hand, Temple makes an adorable Tip, Blanc's Sawhorse is very funny, and Moorehead's having a great time as Mombi four years before she played a more famous witch in Betwitched. I have no idea why they replaced General Jinjur with Nidick, though. I can understand eliminating a lot of things for time, but that doesn't make much sense. Doesn't help that it's hampered by the made-for-TV budget. Jack's costume is more frightening than it is funny, the Gump looks more like a bunch of rugs sewn together, and the Sawhorse is obviously not really running. Still, this is a fun production, and worth seeing if only for the cast and for Marvelous Land of Oz not turning up as often in adaptions as its predecessor. 

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