Monday, January 21, 2008

Dancing Through Life

First of all, the weather does NOT sound good. Late last week, they claimed it'll snow and/or rain tomorrow; sounded to me like a repeat of last Thursday's rain-into-snow-into-rain. Then, last night, they started saying just rain. Now, it seems we may not only get snow and rain tomorrow (along with warmer weather), but freezing rain, AND more snow on Thursday. Swell. And of course, Thursday and Friday are my late (4-9 and 5-9 respectively) shifts, AND I was going to do laundry Thursday morning.

I spent most of this morning on the computer. I wanted to move around after a while, but I wasn't going riding in 25-degree weather. (People in the Midwest, Northwest, western mountain area, and Canada will probably think I'm being silly over nothing, but we're not used to freezing temperatures here in Southern New Jersey.) I opted to throw on an Olivia Newton-John record and just dance instead.

I've always loved to dance. When my sisters and I were little, Mom would put on records and cassettes, and we'd dance to them for hours. I'm not that graceful and I'm far from professional, but I can move fairly well. I'm a little shy about solo dances on-stage, but I've danced in the chorus of my high school musicals and in groups and with boys at dances in high school and college.

Work was busy-to-steady all day. It was just starting to clear out when I left.

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