Sunday, January 27, 2008


Spent most of the morning editing four short stories at our Monkees Role Play site. We wrote Me Too! and He's No Angel last week. Moving Day and Water Frolics were written in the fall as "fillers" for older stories. I hope you enjoy them!

I called Mom as I worked on the editing and listened to the Beatles show on WOGL. (The animated Beatles movie Yellow Submarine was in today's spotlight.) Tomorrow is their last day in the old house in North Cape May. As of Tuesday, they will officially be living in Erma, across from the Cape May County airport. Mom seems to have mixed feelings. The house is in a nice neighborhood, but it's really in the middle of nowhere, with no stores or towns close-by.

Mom's not the only one who feels that way. I didn't live there as long as Mom, Dad, or Keefe, but I lived there for a long time, much longer than any other house I've ever lived in. I haven't been in North Cape May in over a year. I never got to say good-bye to that house. No one seems to know what will happen to it, either. The house isn't that old (probably late 60s, like most of the houses in North Cape May), but it has rot and mold problems, especially on the exterior, and is not in the best of shape. That's one of the reasons I was so upset I couldn't visit the family on Christmas Eve.

I asked Mom if she'd heard from Rose lately. I haven't called her because she started Rutgers Law School on January 7th and I figured she'd be busy. Mom said yes, she has heard from her...and she's furious with me! Apparently, Rose doesn't understand why I haven't applied for college yet.

First of all, I'm not as brave as she is. I haven't been in a class of any kind or done tests since December 2001. I don't know if a college will take me at all, especially with my horrible math. (I failed math once when I went to Stockton and had to take the test over!) Second, this isn't law school I'm applying for. There's always a need for lawyers and law clerks. I want to check the market for librarians and writers before I spend money on a fancy education that didn't help me the first time around.

Mom and Rose both seem to think Drexel University is my best option. It has a nationally recognized Library Services program that's partially online, and it's far easier to get to than Rowan. It would be more expensive, though, and I'd have to work around classes, and I'd end up having to work in Pennsylvania. Mom suggested that I should move to Philly, since I'm getting to know my way around there pretty well, but I don't know if I'm ready yet. Yes, I like the shopping and walking around, and it's nice to not be the only person who can live quite happily without a car. I also like living near grocery stores (where would I get fresh produce in the city?), and I love the natural beauty here.

Work was very busy up until around 4:30-5PM, when it was steady. No problems; I got home on time.

I spent the evening playing with my WebKinz. I've begun two new rooms, one based partially after the new Modern Condo theme (a lot of the furniture for that is expensive...and that lime green is a bit ugly), the other based around the rare retired Hockey theme. (I won't finish that one for a long time, since it only shows up once in a while in the Curio Shop.) I'm going to make a "Modern Cafe" using the Modern Condo kitchen pieces and some other related items, based around a hip coffee shop in Collingswood a few blocks from the Treehouse Cafe.

I'm also enjoying Winterfest, which began yesterday. When you click on a giant snowflake flying across your screen, you get one of several prizes. I've already gotten two snowflake "toques" (hats), a Winter Parka (coat), three sweaters, four snow cones, three Frosty Hot Chocolate Mugs (actually, that sounds tasty!), three Peppermint Snowflakes, three pairs of Fuzzy Winter Slippers (gave one pair to Elvis the Little Penguin), an Icicle Tree (put it outside in the Garden for now), and a Snow Picture (hung it in Elvis' Igloo).

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