Sunday, January 06, 2008

Twelfth Night

And so, I finish off the 2007-2008 holiday season with a quiet morning on the computer, editing the first parts of our latest Monkees role play (should probably be out by next week), and another crazy day at work. While not quite as frantic as yesterday (and busy Sundays are normal even outside of football season), we were still a bit short on help, especially managers and baggers. There were lots of very big orders and lots of people, but by and by work seemed to pass more quickly than yesterday (where five hours seemed more like five HUNDRED). The worst that happened was a rose display hit the register's keyboard and got spilled. The lady who wanted it threw a fit, then complained about being in a hurry and left before the manager could fix it and actually make it look better than it did before. Items are always getting caught on the register keyboard, which juts out rather awkwardly over the conveyor belt.

Treated myself to one last Three Kings' Day/Epiphany present. I picked up more Hello Kitty, this time a collection of mostly horror-themed spoofs ("Frankencat," "Catula") and two slightly spooky fairy tales. Also got an inadvertent present from the store when I discovered the disc was $4.99, despite the $9.99 label on the box. (I know they're trying to get rid of most videos, but no one said anything about the DVDs being on sale. Sweet.)

Also called Mom tonight to say "hi"; actually got her and Keefe for once. Dad is out on a commercial fishing trip. She and Keefe had apparently spent the whole day (and the majority of their week) working on the new house and were very tired but happy.

Oh, and Keefe loved the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Complete Second Season DVD set I gave him for Christmas. Mom said he's a big fan of Will Smith and Fresh Prince, and I thought he might like to see it without commercials.

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