Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Whistle Down The Wind

I awoke to a ringing phone. My mother called me this morning to finally chat before she went to work on the new house again. They're moving in three weeks, and she's absolutely thrilled. I thanked them for my Christmas gifts from them, and she thanked me for their gifts and for the Star Wars videos I gave them.

(I bought the Star Wars videos as a Christmas present to myself when I was a senior in high school, shortly before the 1997 re-release of the original trilogy. I kept them until I bought the 2-disc original and re-release version DVDs last summer used at FYE. I had no idea what to do with my old VHS set. Keefe told me a few weeks ago he and Mom were still watching their old copies we taped off cable in the late 80s and early 90s. Rose fussed, but I gave them the videos. Mom doesn't care if she's watching VHS, DVDs, or 16 millimeter stock. She just wants to see the darn movies! Besides, as Mom pointed out, many of Dad's favorite westerns and my musicals either aren't on DVD yet or are expensive on DVD.)

I spent the rest of the morning messing around online before going to this week's long work shift. It was fairly busy for after a holiday, thanks to this being the beginning of the month, and we had some call-outs. At one point, they actually asked me to come in late tomorrow as a bagger, but they eventually found someone else. Not only am I not a bagger, but it's only supposed to get into the upper 20s here tomorrow. I'd end up having to drag someone else out into the cold for a ride. (My ride home tonight was bad enough. I walked half the way, due to the horrible, cold wind.)

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