Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here Comes The Sun

I received a call from Mom first thing in the morning. She's still going through the piles and piles of junk the Cape May side of the family's accumulated over 12 years of living in North Cape May. Did I want the Disney Trivia game in the tin, some of her cake decorating books from the late 70s-early 80s, the rest of the wooden items I made in wood shop class in junior high, and a few other items? Did I ever! I've wanted some of those great hardback, Wilton cake decorating books since I was a kid! I've always loved the gorgeous pictures. She'll be sending the box in about two or three weeks.

I figured it wasn't worth going back to bed after that exciting announcement. I read a little Adventures of Holly Hobbie, wrote in my offline journal, ate a quick breakfast, and biked over to Westmont for my first library volunteering session in more than three weeks. I took the long way across Cooper River Park, since it was just such a gorgeous, sunny winter day. I organized the children's DVDs, which needed it again. They get very messy very quickly, due to who usually takes them out. I also did the American Girls and some of the kids/young adult paperback series' books (like Goosebumps and The Babysitters' Club).

After I left the library, I took a quick look at AC Moore. I'm particularly interested in finding things for Easter. I don't actually have much in the way of Easter decorations besides a few Easter baskets, some plastic colored eggs, and two random toys I picked up at an after-the-holiday sale at the Acme a few years ago. Some of the Valentine's items were also pretty. Craft stores are a great place to find holiday decorations. Mom's gotten great Halloween and Christmas stuff from the big Michael's at the Consumer Square Mall for years.

Super Fresh is next-door to AC Moore, so that was my next stop. Super Fresh's prices aren't as good as the Acme's, but they also carry a wider selection of low-fat, sugar-free, and light foods. (I don't know why they do but Acme doesn't. Maybe it has to do with the clientèle. It was the same deal with the ones in Cape May County.) I actually found the cracked wheat hot cereal and oatmeal on sale, much to my delight. I tend to eat hot cereals a lot in the winter. They're quick, low-fat, and easy to make.

I also found three great DVDs in a small display in front of the bread eisle. The Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers vehicles Top Hat and Shall We Dance are replacing my video copies (the latter was taped off of TCM when I was in college). I've always loved the 80s mini-series version of Anne of Green Gables whenever it showed up on PBS or The Disney Channel, and I just had to grab it. All four DVDs turned out to be $4 each, much to my surprise as I've seen Anne go for as much as $16 and the Fred/Ginger movies for $20 each.

After a quick stop at a small bagel shop for a turkey club wrap, I headed home. The rest of the afternoon was spent vacuuming, dusting, and washing the windows. I really needed to vacuum after taking down the Christmas decorations. The fake tree and garlands shed almost as much as the real ones! The kitchen carpet looked pretty bad, too.

Oh, and Lauren and I finished this month's role play tonight, a spoof of 30s and 40s mysteries. It's not the best we've ever done (it ended up more complicated than either of us planned), but it's done. It'll be up sometime in the next few days.

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