Friday, January 04, 2008

Ringing In The New Year

My phone woke me up around 7:30AM. It was Donna, one of my managers at work. Would I like to come in from 10:30AM to 7PM? Sorry, no can do. I was up late last night. Donna and I finally got it down to 1 to 7, allowing me to sleep a little more and get some pilates and Voyagers! in before I went to work.

Don't get me wrong. I do need the hours...but not THAT desperately. Besides, I wouldn't have been worth much if I'd tried going in earlier. As it turned out, work was steady but not incredibly busy (except for around 4PM rush hour) anyway. There were some obnoxious beginning-of-the-month customers, but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary.

And I just heard this really, REALLY noisy thump. I wonder what THAT was? I hope nothing happened to an airplane or one of the "neighbor" critters...

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