Sunday, April 15, 2007

Birthday Girl

Yes, Saturday was my birthday. (I say "was," because despite what this blog says, it's actually about quarter of 1 on Sunday morning as I write this.) I had to run errands anyway, so I took myself out to breakfast at Newton Diner on the White Horse Pike in Oaklyn. I had a waffle (which I like to order when I go out to breakfast, as I don't own a waffle iron and was never very good at making them), orange juice, and two scrambled eggs. I also stopped at a yard sale a few houses down on the way home and bought a Sarah McLaughlin CD and a few seasonal odds and ends for the 4th of July. (The only season I don't have a lot of decorations for is summer.)

My mom, brother, and stepdad sent me a really cool tote bag that can be reversed and folded into a little bag the size of a change purse and clipped onto a larger bag. It'll be perfect for carrying items around on large trips, like when I walk around in Center City Philadelphia or malls, where my backpack would be too bulky and conspicuos and plastic or paper not strong enough for an all-day shopping excursion.

My best friend Lauren gave me a gift certificate from Cool.

My friend Erica gave me balloons at work. It was a little embarrasing, but it was sweet of her, and it was nice to have balloons.

Work was a literal and figureative pain in the butt. We were busy from my arrival at 2:30 up through the last half-hour before I left at 10:30, and I was so tired by the time I left, I was ready to cry. I shouldn't have let Erica talk me into getting a ride home, since now my bike's at the Acme and who knows when I'll be able to get someone to pick it up? It wasn't raining when we were going home, of course, though it sure is now. I was tired and my right side's been sore for a few days now. (I wonder if I wrenched my lower right back and torso somehow - probably sitting for so long in my computer chair reading that TV Tropes site last week!)

I just hope I can get out of the damn Acme this year. I want a life like other single late 20something adults have, with a nice group of friends to hang out with and a significant other to kiss. I wish all my friends were in one place, instead of in at least three different states and between the ages of 25 and 46. I wish I knew there were more people like me out there.

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