Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wet N' Wild Birthday

My birthday celebrations continued today, despite the massive rainstorms that swamped the northeast. (It could have been worse. The Midwest got more snow.) Thank goodness work was far quieter this time. It started out steady-to-busy, but died quickly as it got darker and colder and people opted to stay at home for Sunday dinner.

My dad, my stepsister, and his girlfriend got back from vacation today, and I did a nice little birthday party at Dad's house. We had pizza and cake and watched "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." I got money from everybody, and some really cute cards.

Between last week's great paycheck and the birthday money, I figured it was high time to try for the Sailor Moon 4th season ("Sailor Moon Super S") again. I ordered it off of eBay proper this time. I ordered a bunch of the 2000 Sailor Moon fashion-type dolls and season 1 and "S" (season 3) off of eBay with no problems, so hopefully it'll be ok. (Knock on wood.)

I'd eventually like to get the second season (the only season besides the fifth I've never seen at all) and replace my videos of the movies. Why not get them off of, where they're also availble? Simple: they're cheaper at eBay. The most the sets cost at eBay are 30 with shipping. They can cost up to 200 at Amazon.

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