Saturday, April 28, 2007

Call Of The Wild

After spending the last few days depressed over the need to do see doctors, lose weight, find churches or SOMEWHERE where I can meet people, and get rid of the Acme job, I finally decided to just get out between episodes of "Sailor Moon Super S" and go for a walk in the park next to my apartment.

It was the best thing I could have done for myself. While not a perfectly sunny day, it was mild and breezy. I walked around the perimeter of the park and down to a tree on the very edge of the property, where there's a fork in the river. An old tree overlooks the fork. Unfortunantly, it's been attacked by the local teenagers and is covered with graffiti, but it's branches are strong enough for younger kids to play on. I greeted two people and their gorgeous golden retrievers; the smaller one even let me pat her head.

As I was heading out of the park, I noticed a small path in the woods next to the VFW. I followed it around the river to the train tracks and the train bridge. The bridge is also covered in graffiti, but as it's on the extreme edge of the park it affords some wonderful views of the river area, both the side I live on and the other side going towards the Oaklyn/Collingswood border. It was so beautiful and serene. I even walked out to the very edge of the rocky bridge, as far as I dared. I'll have to go hiking on that little path again sometime.

I felt so much better after my walk, work was a breeze. I tried my hardest not to judge people because of their rudeness or mistakes...or get upset over my own.

It also helped that my hard work in the past few weeks at work finally and literally paid off. I recieved two big paychecks for the last two weeks, one a vacation paycheck, the other featuring money from Easter. I'd worked unusually long hours both weeks. It'll pretty much pay this month's rent.

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