Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Parade At Home

I had a reletively quiet Easter. I had brunch with my sister, her boyfriend, and their puppy and cat. We had cheese and fruit for appetizers, followed by his delicious hash browns, Canadian bacon, and fried eggs. I brought a cake for her birthday yesterday and to thank them for having me over, so we had some of that for dessert.

I spent the rest of the day at home, watching Easter specials (two Looney Tunes specials, two of the three Rankin-Bass Easter specials on DVD, "It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown") and "Easter Parade." I made my own big Easter dinner to cheer myself up, since I was alone on a holiday - baked ham with Pineapple-Apple Glaze, candied sweet potatoes, and steamed asparagus, with half of a Dove truffle egg Mom sent me for dessert. I did get a little lonely later in the afternoon, but it wasn't quite as bad as at Christmas, probably because I knew I'd be alone for part of the day this time. I got together with Lauren for chatting and to work on stories tonight.

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