Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is stolen from Tina's blog:

James Brown or Marvin Gaye? Both. I'm a fairly big R&B fan.

Chinese or Indian takeout? Chinese...but I'd be willing to try Indian.

Fleece or knitted blanket? Both. Knitted blankets are nice and cozy and often handmade, while fleece blankets cover small spaces and look nice on overstuffed chairs.

Girls with makeup or without? Uh, well, I hate makeup. It's such a pain in the rear to apply, and I never go anywhere big anyway, so it seems kind of pointless.

Costco or Whole Foods? Until recently, I never heard of either.

Wildflowers or arrangements? Wildflowers are prettier.

Tradition or shakeups? I don't take shakeups well.

Cello or trumpet? How about a piano?

Watch-wearing or no? Watch. I need to be able to get places on time on my own, especially since I don't have a cell phone.

Salt water or fresh (to swim in, not drink)? Both! I love swimming!

Pants or shorts? Whatever the season, event, and weather calls for.

Chatspeak or absolutely NOT? Huh?

Digital camera or old-school? Old school. Cheaper and easier to figure out.

Wireless or plugged in? Whatever's cheapest.

Waltz or tango? I'll learn both!

Brian Williams or Anderson Cooper? Whom?

Time or Newsweek? Occasionally Time, when an article is of particuar interest to me. Newsweek is too dry.

Waterbed or mattress? Mattresses don't spring leaks.

Cream and sugar or not? Sugar (or honey or Sweet N' Low), no cream or milk.

CNN or BBC News? Uhh, probably BBC, but really, they're all alike to me - all depressing.

iTunes or something else? I don't download often enough to tell the difference.

Scented candles or unscented? Small scented candles during the winter, but otherwise, no candles. I don't trust them not to burn the house down.

Prairie or mountain? Swamps and woods. I was born in Florida and raised in Southern New Jersey.

Socks or barefoot? I'd go barefoot all the time if the terrain and weather allowed me. I hate walking around in socks!

Matt Damon or Ben Affleck? Matt Damon. I can't stand Ben Affleck. He's so smug.

Brass or pewter? Uh, for what?

Wool or cotton? Cotton. Wool itches.

Willow tree or pine? Both!

Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter? I was born in 1979 and remember little about either.

France or Italy? I'm gonna say France - I can even slightly speak the language.

Electric or gas stove? I'm all about gas. Keeps your electric bills down, warms your house, and cooks better.

Thrift store or outlet? Thrift stores. Outlets are usually boring.

Japanese garden or English garden? They're both pretty.

Sophia Loren or Liz Taylor? Sophia Loren still looks gorgeous and dignifed in what must be her 70s, at least. Liz Taylor...does not.

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