Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Such A Thing As Too Secure

Today was mostly a pain. Doing the laundry went well enough, but I discovered, to my dismay, that my biological father and stepsister will be out of town for Easter and my uncle really has no plans I need to be tagging along with. I called my sister to see what she's doing, but she hasn't called back yet...and knowing her, will probably call back sometime next month. She doesn't mean to be tardy, she just forgets.

I was depressed all through work today, and some obnoxious customers and a busy night did not help matters. Also not helping matters is the new security manager (I don't recall his actual title) scolding me for carrying a very small backpack in the store. I need that backpack to carry groceries home on my bike! That guy's been annoying. He wasn't rude, but I really wish he wasn't so forward. He will stand in the front of the store and stare at the cashiers like he expects them to do something wrong on purpose! He really unnerves me, and I'm not the only person who's complained. (Our customers aren't happy with a guy who goes around telling them sixteen thousand rules they never heard of, either.)

The two managers up front ultimately told me to ignore him, but it underlines the problems I had a while back - I really wish they'd tell us the rules before we play the game...and find better ways of explaining them than "you can't do that" and staring at us until we're completely frustrated. : 0 p

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