Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

Got up early for my last Farm Market/bank run before vacation and to go to the first day of the Collingswood Craft Show. The farm market was back in it's regular place on the last two blocks of the parking lot behind Haddon Avenue, and a good thing, too, because it was packed. Naturally, since I'm going away in four days, I didn't buy much. I got blueberries, garlic (which I meant to buy last week), mushrooms, a tomato, and bananas.

The Craft Show is on several blocks of Haddon Avenue between Genesis Counseling and the PNC and Bank of America. There's booths for food and local services (like a breast cancer walk-a-thon and the PATCO), but it's mostly crafts - painting, photography, puppet-makers, handbag-makers, jewelry-makers, lawn-ornament makers, potters, toy makers, wood carvers. I've been seeing craft shows since I was little in Cape May and later in Wildwood. I never have the money to buy anything from them (one of those handbags cost $50!), but it's still fun to look around.

I rode around a little, but there was only one yard sale way down on Manor Avenue and it wasn't interesting. I spent most of the late morning and early afternoon at home, watching vacation-related Disney cartoons.

Work was busy, but there was plenty of help and my relief was actually early for a change. Other than a few obnoxious customers, there were no major problems.

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