Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dodging the Weather Bullets

Awoke to heavy rain this morning. Not a good sign. I really, really needed to go to the Farm Market. It let up around 10:30, long enough for me to head out to Collingswood. Despite the weather and the late hour, the Farm Market was hopping. I'm assuming the weather must have kept people away earlier. The farmers were so eager to get rid of their wares, they were literally giving them away. People kept handing me freebies and the last of their samples. It was very nice of them...but now I have to figure out what to do with it all.

I ended up with carrots, blackberries, gigantic peaches, Gala apples, romaine lettuce, a cucumber, a green pepper, a Vidalia onion, a green pepper from the organic booth, small red potatoes, three tomatoes, two small Gingergold apples that the farmer let me have free because they were the last ones in the sample bucket, blueberries (last of the season, according to a farmer), a jar of honey, a large purple eggplant, a smaller, rounder, lighter purple eggplant that the farmer gave me free so I could compare them, and two free peppers, one a cheese pepper, one a long, dark green pepper that I have no idea what it is, but I hope it's not hot. I don't like hot peppers.

I rode home and spent the rest of the afternoon eating lunch and watching Wonder Woman. (Needless to say, thanks to the weather, I saw no yard sales today.) It was still dry when I headed out to work; the clouds even looked like they were trying to break up. Alas, it was still hot and humid. I left early and took it slow on my bike.

The other reason I left early was for my paycheck. Not that it was a big one, seeing how I only worked Sunday last week, but any money is better than none. Got a good schedule for next week, too, 24.50 hours, two days off, and nothing later than 7:30. Good. I want to clean the kitchen and the bathroom, and I'd like to start seriously job-hunting again.

Work was busy up through 4:30, when dark clouds started gathering. They were getting darker by the minute when my relief arrived early, allowing me to grab the three items I'd bought earlier (granola bars and the clearance Cream of Rice and Oat Bran) and my bike and rush home as fast as my legs could work the pedals.

Light rain started falling in big, fat drops as I rounded the Black Horse Pike onto Kendall Boulevard. (Which, BTW, has finally been repaved.) I got lucky for the second time today. Though thunder rumbled as I sped down the road, the storm waited to hit in full-force until about 20 minutes after I got in.

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