Thursday, August 27, 2009

Down for the Internet

I spent early this morning cleaning the kitchen. It wasn't quite as bad as the bathroom, but I was hoping to prevent more ant invasions like the fridge incident on Tuesday. (Which reminds me, I've seen one or two ants in the fridge since then, but nothing like Tuesday morning.) To that end, I also swept the porch. I was going to wait until after I got that rotten tree limb cut down, but I have no idea when that's going to happen, and the porch was a mess. Squirrels and birds have left a trail of early nuts and acorns all over the place, and I haven't swept it since before I went on vacation.

I tried posting the Monkees Role Play later this afternoon, but the internet went down. I just spell-checked it and ended up sweeping instead. I did post it tonight. Look for our newest main story, "Return of the Planet of the Monkees," at our Dream World role play web site.

Work was off-and-on dead again, as it was yesterday, but there were a surprising number of huge orders. A lot of people must have used today to stock up after returning from vacation or heading for college. Some of the orders numbered into the $300-$400 dollar range.

The last customer was an annoying elderly woman who bought two 24 packs of Pepsi and even used the coupon for them...then whined because she thought they would come up $10 all together instead of $12.96 for two with the coupon. No, the 12 packs were 4 for $10. She just stormed off without buying anything. I couldn't understand half of what she was saying, anyway. Not only did the woman behind me take it well, but she claimed to have had the woman at the Golden Corral next to Pep Boys where she works and caught her taking food from the buffet in a bag...and the woman got mad when they caught her!

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