Monday, August 24, 2009

In the Summertime

First of all, the weather finally broke today. It was mid-80s, sunny, and NOT humid, for the first time since before I came back from vacation. Perfect day to start this month's apartment cleaning. The bathroom desperately needed to be done. The sink was disgusting. I also sprayed for ants.

I tried to pull down that rotten tree limb that's leaning over my porch, but it's just too big. It's too thick for clippers, too. Whether she likes it or not, Miss Ellie's going to have to either get a saw or an axe or hire a professional to take it down. I can see where it's breaking. I just can't reach it without falling off my porch and breaking my neck.

Between the weather and this being close to the end of the month, it was dead at work all day. I'm glad I got off when I did. Not only was it just starting to get busier, but the store computer system went down and was wrecking havoc with debit card orders.


Linda said...

If our experience is any example and the tree branch or any other tree branches are touching the roof, this is where the ants are coming from. They used to climb up on our roof using the dogwood tree branches and form nests in the dried pine straw that gathered up there in the wintertime.

Emma said...

Unfortunately, there's a lot of debris on my roof, not just from the rotten branch but from the 60 other branches that are in good condition up there. I have a ton of trees around the house.