Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Finally Sunny In Philadelphia

I was up late this morning and didn't really get going on today's laundry until around 11:30. I ran into Jessa watching the indie movie Everything Is Illuminated as I came in. I had to wait a while (Uncle Ken's laundry was still in the dryer), so I watched the tail end of the movie with her. We briefly visited my apartment and walked to CVS when I got my laundry in the dryer.

I'm glad Jess and I had that little walk today. She'll be moving into her apartment at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia on Thursday, and this is probably the last time we'll get to spend with just the two of us until after she starts school. She bought a cork-board for school at CVS. I bought Palmolive Dish Washing Liquid on sale for $.98, the soft tooth-brushing picks for between my teeth (I ran out yesterday), and an Entertainment Weekly. (I always buy their Summer Movie Preview, Fall Movie Preview, and the end-of-the-year issue.)

It was quarter of 3 by the time I finished doing the laundry. I didn't eat lunch until quarter after 3...and it wasn't until around 4 that I made it to the library for this week's session. I debated doing it on Friday, but I'm glad I went today anyway. They just got a third DVD/CD rack for the children's media, and I organized everything that was checked in into three racks, instead of the two they were originally in. The children's CDs especially needed it. I haven't organized them in forever, and they were a mess. I never even got to returning any of the other DVDs, and they were back to stacks of them.

It was after 6:30 after I left the Super Fresh (looked for sales on peanut butter and english muffins - saw neither) and headed home to make leftover Corn-Meal Battered Turkey Cutlets with eggplant Parmesan and romaine salad.

And ugh. I really need to find more effective ant spray. I actually had ants in my refrigerator today. I have no idea how they got in there. They must have been after the candy canes I keep for stirring my tea. Needless to say, I dumped those in a hurry and wiped the whole side of the fridge down with bleach.

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